Friday, March 16, 2012

Feelin' Green?

From ModaBakeShop- Luck of the Irish table topper

Tomorrow is National Quilting day, did you know? It's also St. Patrick's Day. You should plan to wear green and go to your favorite local shops because there's bound to be some fun sales. I know there's a good one at The Corn Wagon. :o)

I'm celebrating National Quilting Day by making a quilt. And I'm celebrating St. Patty's Day with the quilt I am sewing.

Can't wait to show you on Monday!!!!

Are you sewing anything special for St. Patty's? Oh, do share!  :o)


Lynette said...

Love your Tabletopper. :D I'm sucker for just about anything St. Patty's.

barbara woods said...

like your rainbow