Thursday, September 22, 2011


I loved reading all your laminate ideas. But one struck me in particular. This was mostly because I had had the idea once a long time ago and it had gotten hidden in the back of my brain with a bunch of mush. But Andrea helped bring it into existence again. And so I present:

 My GOING COASTAL umbrella!

 I'm going to be completely honest here: IT WASN'T HARD AT ALL! Seriously.
I used an umbrella I've had for years that was still in excellent shape. A few of the "arms" were slightly bent, but not too bad. I just eased them back into place.

I carefully cut the old fabric off and used it as a template. Since I had made this a while back the piecing was a cinch. I checked here for tips on sewing with laminates. Everything else was hand stitching it to the frame. About half-way through I searched the web and found this great tutorial. Glad to know I had the right idea.

When I told a friend what I was doing she said "As long as you don't actually use it in the rain." Are you kidding!?  I can't wait for the rain to try it out. In fact, I may just turn on the hose and have the kids spray me- They'd love that !  :o)

Next on my list- Placemats.
I know, easy peasy. But they'll be fun. I'm going to make them reversible!  :o)

Oh yeah ANDREA heads up- I'm sending some laminated Going Coastal your way!!!

For the rest of you- it should be available from FABRIC.COM in October!


Becky said...

oh so cool! I've wanted to make an umbrella and I hear they have kits for new umbrellas but I haven't been able to find them. Thanks for the tutorial link. I love your new umbrella!!

Andrea said...

It looks fantastic! I totally want to try this now! Thanks for making it and the links to tutorials. I can't wait to see the fabric in person :-)

Heather said...

get your bootie out into a sprinkler stat! i must know if this is a go! ;)

x, H

Sinta Renee said...

I'm all over this! I wish I wasn't at work right now! I have an umbrella that I bought at a Dollar Store that would be perfect to experiment with! woohoo!

Abbybeth said...


I adore that umbrella! It is way beyond cute

Nurseli said...

YES! I am so happy to hear that! I want to make a beach tote and some coasters for my room (to match my new going coastal quilt/room). Love the umbrella. Now i'm mad that I just got rid of a bunch of old umbrella's in my last garage sale! UGH! What was I thinking?

Penny Barnes said...

Okay...I am beyond impressed. (p.s. can I spray you too?)

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

That is so cool! It would look great shading the sun at a ball game too!

Kira said...

That was a great for that design.

Laura said...

that looks awesome!

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

i can't even fathom making an umbrella!!!!! wow!

I first saw your fabric in the Hancock's catalog that arrived in my mailbox last week. I can't get it out of my mind. I LOVE IT!! Must. Get. Some. Soon!!

The Rx quilter said...

Yeah!!! I saw the Alamode post and have been Googling Going Coastal laminates like a crazy girl...I have the line in cottons, gonna make the Cabana pattern...then I saw the, can't wait..I haven't made a bag in a long time, but so looking forward to this! Lisa in Texas
P.S. if you need a tour director/assistant in Houston, I am your gal :)