Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So Scary!

This is what I look like in the morning. You don't believe me? Ask my kids.
Ok, ok. I don't have long hair. :o)
Actually this is a pick I store from the Odyssey Dance Theatre website. To break up the mayhem of market prep I'm taking the hubs to see 'Thriller' tonight. If you have not seen this you should make a point to check it out. It is FABULOUS! I can't wait.
Until then I am frantically pulling last minute things together for Sewing Summit. I can't believe it's here already! By tomorrow night I'll be swimming in a sea of fellow bloggers, quilters, sewists, etc. I hope I can relax and enjoy myself. I really feel like the picture above with how frazzled my mind is. Once I am done with my class Friday night I should be able to have some fun.
I'm hoping to post from SS but don't hold your breath. You know how I roll. :o)
See you soon!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Learning Curve

One of the things I love about quilting is that I am always learning new things. Some of them are cool; others are LIFE CHANGING!  :o)
The other day I was piddling around online when I came across this tutorial by
Her method of sewing the corners is fabulous! You simply place a piece of tape (or a scrapbooking sticker if you don't have tape :o) to line up with your needle. Now, instead of having to mark each little square to get a nice straight stitch on the diagonal- you just keep the corners of the square lined up with the edge of the tape (sticker) and you get a straight line.

See- perfect snowball every time. Well, that is unless you cut your snowball 9 1/2" x 10" in which case your square will not be square at all and you'll have to start over. I speak from a late night sewing experience. That's when you know it's time to go to bed.
I sure am glad I'm not too old to learn new tricks. :o)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My week in pictures

Up the Nebo Loop to sew with Shannon and Terry at camp KoHoLoWo
Clambake Kit cutting

Improv Piecing class at the Corn Wagon

Back to camp KoHoLoWo for more market sewing

Deep in concentration
Sorry I've been so absent. Getting ready for Sewing Summit next week and Market in three weeks. YIKES!