We all makes mistakes sometimes, right!? 

I've tried very hard to have my patterns checked, double checked, and re-checked before sending them out to you. I know how frustrating it can be to get stuck in the middle of a project because of an error. Below I have listed corrections and/or clarifications to patterns that have been brought to my attention.

All patterns and books will be corrected when reprinted in the future.

Fabric requirements- only 4 yards of background (white) fabric is needed  [not the 5 listed]
In cutting instructions you will cut (11) 2 1/2" x WOF strips for block corners [not 27 as listed]

Page 31 says: "Urban Decay" was quilted by the talented Angela Walters NOT Angles Walters.
(Sorry Angela!)

SWITCHBACK: Instead of the 1 yd Medium fabric listed in fthe abric requirements you will need
1 1/4 yds. of Medium fabric.

HELIX: In spite of pattern testing and revisions this pattern has proved to be troublesome in the way the instructions are written. My apologies. Corrections are being made to all PDF versions of the pattern.

The following steps have corrections:
11.) Brown strip A18 should be cut 5" wide.
       Green fabric: (6) 8" x WOF should all be cut 8" instead of the 8 1/2" listed.

20.) Add section A16 BEFORE adding section A15 to your quilt top.

24.) Align the 60degree mark where B15 meets B14. Trim the quilt where the seam between B15 and B18 meets A16.
*The diagram should read B14 instead of B18 and A12 instead of A14.

28.) Ignore the part that says "Press well and trim. Stay-stitch all biased edges." This will be done later.

30.) At the top where B15 and B16 meet, align your ruler so the 60degree mark rests on the seem between B16 and A18. Trim off excess.

31.) To trim the bottom, align the 60degree mark of your ruler on the seem between A16 and B18 where they intersect with A15. Trim of excess. Press well and stay stitch all biased edges.