Tuesday, September 29, 2009

show and TELL!

Since I haven't had anyone email me pictures of their projects it looks like there's nothing new to 'SHOW' today. (C'mon people, I know you're sewing! Send me those pix!)

However, I've had quite a few comments on my last post with 'Cheery O's' so I thought I would address them.

THERE IS NO CURVED PIECING! But if I let you in on all of my secrets then nobody would need to go buy my patterns, right!?

So here's the deal. I'm going to GIVE AWAY a free pattern!

Leave me a comment telling me what 'color' phase you're into right now. For example: I went to my local shop this morning and bought 4 yards of yellow fabric from Simple Abundance (it's for a back) but I LOVE yellow right now. What about you?

Also, you can earn extra entries by having your friends comment on this post, too. Just make sure they put their name AND your name at the bottom of their post, so you get credit. Get it!?

I'll tally up the comments and pick a winner Thursday morning. GOOD LUCK!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Cheery O's

I'm so excited with how this quilt turned out. Although I made mine from an extensive collection of Red, cream and Green's, I wanted to give it a name so it would work well with any prints.

Here's the best part about this quilt- IT'S EASY! You know me, anything that's going to take a long time or give me a headache is out of the question. There's no fancy piecing, no secret technique, just some basic sewing and a little applique. I promise- once you get this pattern, you won't make just one! :o)

I'm sure some of you might wonder where my fabrics came from. Well, they're mostly Moda prints from past lines such including, but not limited to: Shangri La, Roman Holiday, Glace, Cottom Blossoms, and essential dots.

Ninety Nines!

Brand spankin' new! Have you seen SIMPLE ABUNDANCE by Bonnie and Camille? Uuhhhh, you need too. I LOVE IT! I had this pattern idea in my head for a long time- finally the right fabric came around. I love the way the individual prints show, yet they all meld together. What do you think?

By the way- it's made using a Jelly Roll and a Charm Pack! Check back tomorrow to see another NEW pattern!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Simply Charming FUN!

I have a wonderful friend who also happens to be a quilt designer- she's the brains and everything else behind Moose on the Porch Quilts. Have you seen her books? Well, you should. They are AWESOME! Inspired by cute little Charm Packs she has several books with hundreds of patterns and ways to use these Charms. Her lateset- Simply Charming FUN! has some of the cutest patterns in it. You HAVE to go check it out!

If I was more computerly-inclined I would figure out a way to steal a pic from her and post it here- but I'm not. So go to her blog and see the cute pix. Did you see the fish!? Oh, it is to die for cute!

See you soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Show and Tell!

Check out this cute the adorable Which Witch quilt that Shyla made! I absolutely LOVE IT!

She also made these awesome trick-or-treat bags. now this idea I have to steal!

Thanks Shyla, for being my first REAL show-and-tell!

Show and Tell!

This morning I woke to a wonderful surprise. Hop on over to http://quiltingsisters.blogspot.com/ to see what I'm talking about!

Remember, if you have something to 'show and tell' please email me a picture to post here on the blog. Or, send me your link so I can link to your blog to show!

Happy first day of fall!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Color Theory

This was a STEAL at $8 that I got from a garage sale a few weeks ago. I didn't know what I was going to do with it when I got it- but couldn't pass it up. The moulding on the 'top' (right side) is broken and needs to be fixed. But for now it sits atop one of my shelves giving me fun things to look at!

Since I was in the picture mode and loving the color spectrum I thought I'd take a pic of my thread. Yes, it always looks like this. I am just a little OCD. ;o)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Now What!?

The other night a neighbor of mine dropped off a quilt to be quilted. It's just a little baby quilt. But in this quilt was a fabric print that I could not take my eyes off of. I LOVED IT! And, to my surprise, I didn't remember seeing it before- ANYWHERE.

Today I walked into my local shop and one of the gals there was showing a quilt she'd done. Would you believe it had that same fabric print in it? What are the chances?

So began my obsession. I knew I HAD to have it.
I was told it was an old line and that they didn't have any left. But when I wandered upstairs I found a piece. Not the exact piece I was looking for, but one close enough.

Ok, well my captions didn't turn out very good. The strips is the fabric that I fell in love with. It's from 'Hey Sugar' by Cosmo Cricket. Can you believe what a good match that piece from 'Deer Valley' is?

So here's my latest purchse- NOW WHAT!?

I'd love your help deciding on a pattern for this fabric. Obviously it doesn't have to be one of MY patterns. But if you comment and suggest something and I decide to do it, who knows? Maybe I'll send you a little something for your help ;o)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This quilt was made by Shannon of It's SEW Shannon. Shannon is a friend of mine that works at one of the local quilt shops. She was kind enough to stitch up a new "Dipped in Chocolate" out of 3 Sisters- Aster Manor. Isn't it yummy!? Just wait 'til you see what she's working on next!

This is MY latest project. I was greatly inspired by this post and decided it was time to make myself a quilt- for my bed. I've made plenty of quilts for ME, but everytime I start a king-size I get burned out and finish it much smaller. This time I'm in it to the end. I have my whole bedroom planned around it. I'll take before and after pictures and post it some day!

-Do you have projects to show? Email me at crazyoldladies@gmail.com and send me a pic. I'll post it on "Show and Tell Tuesday". And if it's a COL quilt pattern you'll get entered into a drawing for FREE COL patterns. Happy sewing!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Happy Monday everyone!

I'm not usually this cheerful on Monday's. But all my children are off to school and I'm eating my Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Peaches in pure silence. Who wouldn't be cheerful? ;o)

So I've been thinking---- I need something on my blog.
I need a thing.
Something for YOU to look forward to,
and something for ME to not have to think about.

And so, I am pleased to announce the beginning of


I am always, ALWAYS, interested in what you've been working on. Doubly so if it's a COL project (see below). I mention to people all the time that I would LOVE for them to email me a picture of their quilt.

So here's the deal: SEND ME A PICTURE and a little blurb and I'll post you on my blog.

Fun huh?

Every tuesday I'll gather together all the emails you send and feature them on the blog.
They can be any projects you want to share, but like I said, I would LOVE to see your COL projects.

At the end of every month, all the COL project posts will be entered into a drawing for a FREE COL pattern.

My email is on the right side of blog.

Don't forget to include your name, where you live (City & State, or just State is fine) and a blog link if you have one.

I look forward to seeing what you've been up to!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You better watch out!

You better not cry. You better not pout. I'm telling you why-

Let's not get too stressed out about it now. Take a peek at Margie's new wonderful holiday creation called
"Santa Claus Lane".
This one is a must have, wouldn't you say?