Wednesday, July 1, 2015

New SODALICIOUS patterns!

I've been trying to get these patterns out for several weeks now and it's been one things after another but they are finally ready. FINALLY!

Due to popular demand from my market booth I've released "Bottom's UP!"- my Sodalicious logo quilt. This is such a fun and easy quilt that showcases every flavor, um, print in the entire collection.

As soon as my strike off's arrived I knew I had to make "Boomerang" out of the diet colorway. It looks tasty enough to eat!

"Sodalicious" is a take on a simple traditional block done in two ways. I love the look of this quilt when the blocks are randomly pieced. What's great about this quilt is it really would look great in any fabric collection. A must have for your stash.

"Spin the Bottle" was a show stopper at market. Everyone that passed by commented on it and I was glad that they loved it as much as I do. I have to give credit to my Dad for this one since he came up with the basic idea during his last visit. Thanks Dad!

I'll tell you what, people went CRAZY over these placemats at market. I hadn't planned on writing the pattern for them since I usually stick to quilts but how could I not? There are 12 placemats all together divided into two 6-packs: Diet and Regular. 

When I sketched up "Sippin'" I was so excited to start stitching. When it started to come together I was rather giddy. This quilt is fun as a throw and would look adorable in a child's nursery.

"Kegger" is my take on the tumbler design but uses a single piece of fabric for each 'keg'. This pattern is perfect for large scale prints that you want to show off. Thanks to my friend Natalie for the name ;o)

Patterns are shipping this week so ask for them in your local quilt shop and look for them online.