Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I didn't even realize that my last post was #500! Holy cow!  I can't believe I've written that many over the last few years. Thanks for stickin' around with me. I've come along way since those early blogger days. I can't wait to see what changes come my way during the next 500 posts.  :o)

In addition to my new Sew Solid patterns I also managed to design a couple more.

The cover quilt for Everything Zen was pieced by the talented Erin Kyle from Around the Block Quilt shop in Beaverlodge, Alberta She used Juggling Summer by Zen Chic for Moda. I LOVE the way it turned out!

Storytime was been in the works for almost 8 years. Yes, you read that correctly. This quilt features six embroidered nursery rhyme blocks. I made the original quilt for a neighbor of mine before my daughter was even born- now she's 7. I entered the original quilt in a quilt show and won Best of Show. My first entry EVER! So many people liked it and begged for the pattern. I started writing it but wasn't sure how to market it with all the embroidery patterns too. (The original had 12!) I considered a block of the month style but eventually set it aside when embroidery wasn't so popular anymore.
Over the last year I've noticed embroidery gaining in popularity again. I knew it was time to re-make the quilt. I wanted to make sure it was gender neutral (the original was very girlie) so I found a fabulous collection of fabrics- Storyboek by Jay-cyn designs for Birch fabrics and knew I'd found the one.
I tried to take some pictures of the individual blocks to show you but my computer isn't recognizing my camera :o(  When I can get them re-introduced I'll be sure to show you.
This pattern will have a limited release. Fat Quarter Shop will have paper patterns available for purchase in a couple of weeks. After that it will only be availble in PDF form from Patterns Gone Digital through your local shop. (If they don't have PGD ask them to sign up- it's FREE!)

Monday, November 26, 2012


Hey there! I'm finally coming off of my turkey hangover and getting around to this post. I can't wait to show you what I've been working on the last few months.
Earlier this year I became OBSESSED with solids. I mean, I used solid fabrics before (neutrals mostly) for backgrounds and such- but never in a whole quilt. But with all the "modern" quilting use of solids I started using them more. Then all of a sudden all the ideas in my sketchbook were filled with solid colors rather then fabric collections. That's when I realized it was time to

I couldn't contain my excitement for solids anymore and started sewing like crazy. But I soon found that I was alone in my love for solids. Ok, maybe alone isn't the right word. However I talked to many quilters (and shop owners) who found solids were boring or made a quilt look cheap. WHAT!?

That's when I knew I had to do something about it. So I designed a collection of patterns called "Sew Solid" to prove to quilters that solids are anything but boring!

In my design process I wanted to make quilts that had awesome graphic detail to show the striking colors. I also kept in mind that these same quilts would need to look nice with printed fabric too.

Some of the designs were determined by color placement while others were all about the design and the color choices came later.
The colors for 'Sure Bet' were fun to pick. I knew I wanted a softer palette but I also wanted something unexpected. I love the results!

A few of the patterns use a particular color family to show the design. 'Hot Stuff' was a last minute addition to the group of patterns but was one that I couldn't pass up. This one is probably my favorite of the bunch.  :o)

Of course I had to use a gradation of color! This was a favorite among market attendees and I ended up selling out. Look familiar?
A few of the patterns I showed at market are re-makes of existing patterns that I have that I knew would look AMAZING in solids. Cabana in cool blues, greys, and a few greens.

Urban Life in 3 shades of purple with a dash of chocolate brown and citron to spice it up!

And Best Friends in a combination of soft colors that turned so right!
I'm curious, do you love to SEW SOLID too!?

Monday, November 19, 2012


In terms of sheer size and weight my market/festival haul was lots smaller than previous markets. This is good news for my already over crowded shelves and drawers. And good news for my resolution to not buy what I don't need. BAH! Like that's ever going to happen. I did use some restraint and only bought what I knew I couldn't live without. :o)

I managed to go to Sample Spree an hour after they opened the doors. Can you believe there was still a line!? That's where I snagged my Moda fabrics. I still can't believe I scored a FQ bundle of Boho by Urban Chiks but I sure am glad that I did. Also couldn't pass up a little F8 bundle of Twenty-Three by Eric and Julie Comstock. Not pictured (because I've already started cutting into it) is pb&j by Basic Grey and I promise you- it is as yummy as it sounds.  :o) What I didn't get and have already placed an order for is Comma by Zen Chic. Yeah. Wow. It was gone so fast. I want it BAD!

Although my Moda bundles are a fun bunch- the item I was most excited about is this:

Jill Finley's collection of threads from Aurifil. One look at this and I knew it was the perfect collection for me. The colors are perfect for the palette that I usually work with. The only problem is now I don't want to cut into them! :o) I think that my resolution to not buy so much fabric has turned over into buying thread. I already have my eye on 3 other designer collections.

Another lucky score was this:

I mentioned the other day in my market re-cap post that the lovely Patty Sloniger gave me a bundle of her new fabrics. Well here they are for a closer look. These are so delicious!  I already have the perfect patterns picked out for them.  :o)

Of course I came home with a few more things that I haven't taken pictures of to share. I'm sure they'll trickle their way into the blog soon enough.

Want a little taste of only-available-at-quilt-festival goodies yourself? I designed a few prints that I had available at festival and have the few that I brought home listed in my Etsy shop.

I have different sayings and colors available as well as the opportunity to have a custom one made. This is a great gift idea for your fellow guild/bee/quilter friend. :o)
I put mine into a simple Walmart frame that came with a double mat. I took the mat apart and covered the outer one with some Madras Plaid. Stuck everything back together for a cute and personalized piece of decor for my studio.
And now I better get back to what I like best- sewing!

Friday, November 16, 2012

The end of a Saga

I don't know about you but I am about equally as excited about the new release of the final Twilight movie and the fact that it's over! Yes I like the books/movies, but I'm ready to move on too.  :o)

In honor of the release of Breaking Dawn part 2 I've decided to list my 'Breaking Dawn' pattern for only $5 in the Etsy shop. I only have a few listed so hurry on over for this fabulous deal. This pattern is so fun and easy you can even have it done by Christmas!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Eye Candy

Every time I go to market I vow to take more pictures of the things I like. However it never happens like I think it will. Whenever I had a chance to walk to floor I forgot my camera. Trying to remember what I saw and then finding the time to go back was a game. I managed to get several of my fave's though so enjoy!

Patty Young's new collection 'Textured Basics'- the colors are so fun and bright and the fabric itself begs to be touched.

A new designer to the Michael Miller crew is Trenna Travis. Her collection BEKKO has a gorgeous weight. Perfect for home dec., clothing, bags and anything really. Wait til you get your hands on these- you'll never buy decorator canvas again!

The Swirly Girls have a cheery new collection for Michael Miller Clubhouse called Poppy Love. Their booth was so inviting I just wanted to curl up and take a nap.  :o)

The fabulous Laura Gunn had a booth right next to mine. I've been a fan of her talent for a while now but this is the first time we've each had a booth at the same market. It was so fun getting to know her and there's already quite a buzz with Cosmos over the inter-world.

My favorite stop on the white carpet walk of the Michael Miller fabrics plaza at market was at Patty Sloniger's booth. I LOVE HER!  She is the sweetest gal- EVER. You may remember her as the winner of Project Selvage with this collection. She's done it again with her new addition of Les Amis. LOVE THIS!  She was so kind and gifted me a bundle of fatties at the end of market. Oh yeah, I can't wait to tear into these babies!!!

Of course I had to snap a pic at David Butler's booth and new collection- Seven Wonders. Definately need to get my hands on these gorgeous prints for my next "guy" quilt.

Another FreeSpirit designer that I love- Joel Dewberry. I like to think of Joel as my neighbor since he lives in Utah also. :o)  I had the privledge of listening to him speak at Sewing Summit last month and enjoyed it so much. His new collection Notting Hill is HUGE and brilliant. The quilting cottons are superb but the fun doesnt stop there. Laminates, voiles and home dec weight are available for this collection too. YUM!

First place single booth winner- Lila Tueller is a creative genius. Loved her booth and her new collection for Riley Blake- Mystique

Last stop for now- Crafsty. I thought their booth was so cool. I love how it captures both retro and modern design elements in a seamless transition. ;o)

I have more to share tomorrow. See you soon!

Monday, November 12, 2012

For your viewing pleasure

I guess there are people that like to see themselves on the screen- television and movie stars to name a few...hundred. Yeah, I'm not a television or movie star. In fact, I usually try to stay out of the spotlight and stay sitting comfortably behind my sewing machine. But when Fat Quarter Shop asks to interview you on camera you just don't say no.  :o)  Fat Quarter Shop is my go-to online shop. If I don't find it locally (I ALWAYS try to buy local first) then I check there. Love them! I hope you enjoy my little sneak a peek at what's new in my neck of the woods! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello Again

It feels like I've been gone for way too long. It's been almost a month since my last post! Did you miss me? What a busy fall I've had. First Sewing Summit then Quilt Market and Festival back to back. I have so much to tell/show you.
A little over 2 weeks ago we (Terry and Shannon and I) packed up the trailer and hit the road. Two days travel to get to Houston. Oh my! Did we have some laughs. Here's a couple of sites we saw.
I had my first Lotaburger at Blake's in Farmington, NM.  I'm not a huge burger fan but this was just what I needed after half the day in the truck. The girls got a good kick out of my asking what an 'Itsaburger' was. How was I supposed to know!?  :o)  

We also stopped in Midpoint, TX- probably the closest to Radiator Springs that we were going to find. (I'm a big CARS fan :o)
Halfway between Los Angles and Chicago- kinda' cool!

I loved seeing all the old signs and such on Route 66

Just down the road we stopped at the Cadillac Ranch just outside of Amarillo, TX

The girls stayed in the car while I got out and walked around (and IN) the cars. Pretty cool to say I've been there.  :o)

And here's our rig. "Hi Shannon!" I'd never pulled a trailer before so when it was my turn to drive I was quite nervous. The girls got a good laugh at me. When I wasn't behind the wheel and all tensed up I was able to laugh at myself too.
I have so much to share about Market and Festival. See you Monday!