Monday, August 30, 2010

Give that MOOSE some DIAMONDS!

I've mentioned my friend 'Moose' before. I don't call her that in person- her name is Konda. But her company is 'Moose on the Porch Quilts' and it's just too much of a mouthful to say/type everytime. So usually on the blog I refer to her and her company inclusive as 'Moose'.

Well I've been running around like CRAZY this morning. First, my 5th grade son informs me that he left his shoes at his cousin's house (the one with the birthday on Sat.) and he had no shoes for school. NONE. So I had to take him to get new ones before he could go to school. Except the store doesn't open until after school has already started. I guess he'll just be late. But first, my Kindergartener had an 'assessment' appointment this morning. So my 5th grader waited in the car while I took her into school where I learned that she would NOT be starting school until she had her shots. Oh yeah, I knew I was forgetting something. Hurry, call Dr. get an appt- TODAY. Took the 5th grader and Kindergartener to the shoes store. $84 dollars later I could drop my son off to school- LATE and hurry to the Dr. so little girl could get her shots. Throw a couple more errands in there and you can see how my day is going. Boy, my 3rd grader missed EVERYTHING! :o)

I''m finally home now and getting to the point of my story. So I sit down to check my email and I have several emails from people looking for 'Diamond in the Rough' pattern. The last email I checked explained why. 'Moose' posted about my quilt. Well, actually hers, but inspired by mine.
You have to go check it out! I LOVE this pattern in her colors.

AFter you check out her blog- slip on over to my ETSY shop and pick up the pattern for yourself!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Party over here!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to swing by a cute little shop that I don't get to visit too often. Luckily I happened to be in the area taking my kids to their cousin's birthday party so I decided to stop in JUST SEW for a little party of my own.

The girls there are so cute and helpful. I'm not in there a whole lot so I wasn't sure if they would know who I was. But they figured it out soon enough. We had some good chats about quilting and patterns. One of the girls there has started designing patterns too (so help me! I can't remember her name- OR- the pattern name!) and they are sooo cute!! One of them caught my eye right as I walked in and I couldn't help but think "Why didn't I think of that!?" That's what I always think when I see a quilt that I love :)

Picked up a few goodies while I was there.....

'Domestic Diva' for Riley Blake with a few additional fabrics added in (some from Breakfast at Tiffany's by Joanna that I got at market!)

This next bundle has a story:

When the girls at the store and I got to talking about who I was (in all my celebrity-dom!) a customer heard and walked over to me. She showed me the pattern in her hand that she was going to purchase and it was 'Flora and Fauna'. She told me she was making it for her Mother/Grandma because she liked butterflies. We chatted fabric choices for a minute and I went back to have my 'Domestic Diva' cut. Minutes later she walked to the cutting table with a stack of bolts.....

I absolutely fell in love with her choices. Most of them were from 'Meadowsweet' 2 by Sandi Henderson with a few 'Fandango' by Kate Spain mixed in. I just had to have it too! When I got home I added a few from my stash including a couple from 'Hunky Dory' by Chez Moi, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' as well as a piece from 'Hoot' by Momo. This quilt is going to be SO CUTE!!! I'm stepping out of the box and using a tip I learned from Quilt Dad on this quilt and can't wait to show it off!!!!
So, all this fabric when I was trying to thin my stash. You're probably thinking "What is her deal!?" Well it was justified. Everyone deserves a little something on their birthday, right?
Yes, today is my birthday. And it's fabulous because I have BRAND NEW fabric to sew!!! Wahoo!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Today is a NEW day

Shortly after I wrote yesterday's post I had a visitor stop by. Terry Griffin from Thankfully Sew and I was SO THANKFUL that she did. I just love that girl! Oh, we've been friends for a long time-we go waaaaaay back. Back to Spring market in 2009! :o)

She was only going to stop by for a minute but my house was so quiet we just got to talking.

...and talking....

And talking some more.

Before we knew it time had slipped by and my boys were walking in the door from they're first day of school. We said goodbye and Terry was on her way.

But you know what? I was feeling so much better.

Then I got on to check my blog on had several comments from you guys telling me I was not alone; that so many of you have had 'Quilters Block' also.

It was just what I needed to get started on that HAVE TO list.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A different kind of 'BLOCK'

I'm not talking about the kind you sew together and swap with friends. I'm talking about the kind when just walking by my sewing room makes me cringe.

I have it.... BAD.

Folding patterns and filling orders isn't too horrible- but thinking about sewing. Ugh.

I want to sew. But my creativity is at a stand-still.

Actually, that's not even true.

The real problem is that there is a list 3 feet long of HAVE TO's and a list 40 feet long of WANT TO's. I've procrastinated the HAVE TO's so long that it's impossible to look past them and even begin to ENJOY the WANT TO's. Thus I'm not doing ANYTHING.

Does that make sense?

Have you ever had Quilter's Block? What do you do to get past it?

Friday, August 20, 2010


Ok, I'm super slow. It takes me forever to figure these things out. I FINALLY made a Crazy Old Ladies facebook page. Ugh! Things like this should not be so difficult. Most of it had to do with the fact that facebook did not want to allow 'Crazy Old Ladies' as an account. Go figure!? :o) But I got it all figured out.

So....make CRAZY OLD LADIES a friend on YOUR facebook. Visit my facebook page by clicking the link on the right!

Have a great day. And don't forget to check my ETSY for all the new listing from my STASH!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm a collector really. I buy fabric with the best intentions of making the most beautiful quilts out of it. But the truth is- I'm NEVER going to get around to making ALL of them. Sure I can dream of the day all my kids are grown and gone and all I have to do is sit around and quilt all day. But by then I'll have collected so many bundles of fabric I'll have to live until I'm 134 to ever quilt them all. So instead, I'm sharing my collection. I've listed the following on ETSY:

Red, White and Blue
assorted sizes (1/2 yds, FQ's, and 1/4's)
Red and Aqua
assoreted sizes (1/2's, FQ's, 1/4's)

-lots of pieces, assorted sizes
I'll be posting more throughout the weekend including Fat Quarter bundles for every color of the rainbow! :o)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's something!

I had a few requests to show the page in 'Quilts n More' for those who haven't seen the mag. Again, it's not the biggest deal, but it's fun. Enjoy!

p.s.- More 'Stash' posting tomorrow. Ya'll are FAST! :o)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Stash Busting!

Remember a few weeks ago when I held my Stash Sale? Well I've had people trickling in the past couple weeks so it's been hard to post. Everytime I would post something, someone would come over and buy it. But I'm posting now!

These are just a few of the goodies that I still have left. Everything shown here can be purchased on my Etsy shop later today. Have fun 'screen' shopping! :o)

5 FQ's from 'It's a Hoot' by Momo (teal and brown)

6 FQ's from 'It's a Hoot' by Momo (Brown and Red) *heart!*

6 FQ's from 'It's a Hoot' by Momo (Green and pink)
5 FQ's from 'It's a Hoot' by Momo (Aqua and Grey)

Scrap roll- 'Blush' by Basic Grey

Scrap Roll- 'Arcadia' by Sanae

Scrap Roll- 'Soiree' by Lila Tueller

46- 5" squares of 'Arcadia' by Sanae

23- 10" squares of 'Arcadia' by Sanae

24- 1/3yd cuts of varying Batiks: Blue to Green

Alphabet Panel (great for making an ABC book!)

6- 1/2 yd cuts from 'Bubblegum Basics' by Quilt Soup and
'Angel Houses' by Bunny Hill (for Henry Glass)
a STACK of varying 6 1/2" flannel squares in fall colors.
(Just waiting to be turned into a beautiful rag quilt!)
a STACK of Fig Tree Charm squares- varying lines.
Over 80 charms (I think it was close to 100, or just over)
An INCH and a HALF high- thats a lot of charms!
'Objects of Desire' Layer Cake by Sandy Gervais

'Punctuation' Layer Cake by American Jane

'Winter' Jelly Roll by Minick and Simpson *heart*
I didn't have time to list prices here. So sorry. But if you see something you like- you better hurry. I only have 1 of each item.
More to come: TONS of FQ's!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not exactly Featured- but close

I got a call the other day from a shop requesting the pattern she just saw in 'Quilts and More' magazine.


After some fumbling around it all made sense.

Check out pg. 67 of the FALL 2010 issue of 'Quilts and More' magazine.

Hey, it's somethin'


it makes me smile! :o)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lucky #47

The contest is over. I went to and #47 is the winner. (Just take my word for it- no time for cutting and pasting right now).

that makes LINDA the winner! She wrote:
"I voted...8-)Love the quilt! Those are my favorite colors, and the 4th is my twin sons's 35th birthday. Hope I win"

Also, just realized that JLK was the one who originally suggested "Creepy Countdown" in her comment back in this post.

So...BOTH of you will win the pattern. Send me an email with your contact info. so I can ship you a free pattern.

Have some busy days here on the home front- gonna post pictures of my "Stash" soon.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stash Building

Ok, so I opened my home to 'Shop my Stash' on Saturday (and friday). Thanks to everyone that came and found love in some of my treasures. I had a lot of fun talking the ears off of so many people. And although the point was to clean out my stash I was able to add to my stash as well.

I am the proud owner of a FQB of Folklorique by Fig Tree. yes, it's an older line but I.LOVE.IT!

Also, after a lengthy chat with 'someone' I haven't been able to pull myself off of Etsy searching for little bits and pieces of some Heather Ross. What is it with that fabric? I had some at one time- used it- and now after talking about it just want to get my hands on more. Is it because it's so hard to find that makes me want it more? Probably. But whatever the case I can't believe I just spent $11 on a fat quarter! WHAT!? (please don't tell my husband)

So here's the deal. Although I got rid of lots of my stash I have several items that will be added to my Etsy shop. After much consideration I figured that would be the best way to do it. However, I will be showcasing some items here on the blog as well. So watch for the next week as I post 'goodies' you can grab. But I promise my prices are well below $11 for a fq. :o)

Ok. Are you sewing? I hope so. Can't wait to see what you've been up to.