Friday, July 31, 2009


This was such a fun contest! I am so excited by the response. Thank you to everyone who participated and ventured a guess at how many spools I have collected. The number of spools in my basket and in the picture (after counting and re-counting 3 times) is 57!
That means Michael & Beth is the winner! You know the drill- email me with your shipping info. so I can send you your prize!
So, does everyone want to see what the prize was?

Well, last week I decided to try my hand at a quilt a little out of the box for me. Inspired by quilters such as CrazyMomQuilts and
Tallgrass Prairie Studio I made this quilt:

I LOVE how it turned out! It was really a stretch for me to not have every block perfectly symmetrical and to have blocks of varying sizes in the end. But I am so excited with the way it turned out I think I'll do another.
After cutting up several fat quarters of
'Peas and Carrots' by American Jane
and adding a few extras from the stash I was left with this beautiful pile of "scraps"

So I'll be sending this cute little bundle over to
Michael & Beth
as their prize for guessing the right number of spools!

Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Sometimes I forget things.

The contest will run through this week. I will post winner(s) on friday along with their prizes.

If more than one person picks a number and it happens to be correct then that means there are multiple winners. So yes, you can pick a number even if someone has already picked it.

I already have plans for another contest (they're so fun!). So don't get discouraged if you don't win this one. I think I'm going to make it a habit! ;o)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just for fun!

A few years ago my husband mentioned something about a friend of his whose Grandmother had a box full of old spools and thimbles that she had used or worn through. That day I put a basket on my shelf and began placing all my old empty spools in it. I don't have any worn-through thimbles because I don't do much of any hand work. The other day while I was sewing ALL DAY I finished another spool and dropped it in the basket. Then I had an idea!

How about another contest!? Look at the picture and guess how many spools are in the basket! Whoever gets closest to the actual number will win a prize. I'll post the prize in the next day or two- when I figure out what it's going to be. But I promise it'll be a good one. For now, just keep guessing!

P.S.- I don't think it's going to be too hard! ;o)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 projects done.

Yesterday I sewed ALL DAY LONG! This is not an exaggeration! Literally, aside from trips to the potty and a quick snack here and there I was at my machine. I was able to finished 2 quilt tops, and start and finish another. I guess since I just gave away 3 quilt tops my brain knew there was a deficit! I think I have a serious problem- wouldn't you agree?

My house looks like a tornado hit it. Dished piled up on the counter. Laundry baskets overflowing. You can't even walk around bare-foot because the floor is covered with dried playdough, bread crumbs from last nights dinner, and cereal. I know, GROSS!

So, today is dedicated to CLEANING my house. Mostly because child welfare services is going to walk through my door any minute (not literally) and because my husband and I are taking off tonight for a mini-vacation to Park City to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

Have you ever stayed on a project for a long time and neglected everything else? Tell me about it!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Thank you everyone who entered the contest. Also, thanks to all of my faithfuol followers- new and old! I hope that you'll continue to enjoy this CRAZY blog.
Now- let's get on with it!
I went to RANDOM.ORG to get winners. Sorry, I'm not computer savvy enough to cut and paste the results here. So you'll just have to believe me.


"Dizzy Dots"

The first winner is #14- Steve, Tovah, Avery, and Z


"Basket Case"

The second winner is #24- Kira!


"Glory Road"

The third winner is #8- Heidi!


Please email me with contact info. so I can send you your tops. Hope you like!

There's still time!


There's still time to enter the contest! I won't draw winners until tonight. I still need to get my bearings from being gone all weekend.

Good luck!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Guest Spotlight!


Guess who's being featured over at Ucreate? Well, hop on over and check it out!

I LOVE this blog! She posts so many cute things and ideas. Definately a MUST for my 'favorite blogs' list!

Thanks Kari for featuring ME!

In celebration of my feature I thought I would have a contest. Everyone LOVES contests, right!? So here's the deal. Sometimes when I design a pattern I stitch together the sample and realize that the pattern is just not going to work. Maybe the fabric doesn't work with the pattern. Maybe the pattern is just too 'funky'. Maybe I designed a quilt that looks cool but would take 10 pages to explain how to make it. In any case, I have several of these 'tops' hanging around my craft room. I keep thinking I'll do something with them- but I never do. Instead, I'm going to give them away as contest prizes. All you have to do is this:

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite Crazy Old Ladies pattern (they're listed to the right)


Add yourself as a follower to this blog. Because, lets face it, you were going to anyway. ;o)

That's it! Easy- Schmeezy!

I'll let the contest go through the weekend and randomly select winners on Monday. I don't know how many winners I'll have- I need to count quilt tops first! :o)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Shame on me!

This morning started like many other mornings.
I woke up,
Went down to have breakfast,
Opened my laptop,
And started scrolling through my favorite blogs.
Soon I was finding myself a little grumpy because several of my blogs didn't have NEW posts. "How dare they!? I mean, it may have been a holiday weekend and all, and some people out there may have had plans and been busy. But geez, can't you find time to post for those obsessed blog followers (like me!) out there."
All of a sudden I stopped.
"When was the last time I posted!?" I couldn't even remember. I am a slacker. That's all there is to it. I have grand desires and wonderful intentions- but never seem to get around to HALF the things I want to do. In my defense I have been VERY busy.

Wanna see what I've working on!?

Well, I can't show you everything-
but I will give you a peek

How 'bout them teasers!