Monday, March 25, 2013

I hesitated posting a winner on friday because I can't even show the prize! Everything is still under wraps for a couple more weeks. Luckily as I finish up this quilt I have a name for it.


The winner is Mean Sarah Jean for her suggestion of Boomerang. The minute I read it I though "Why didn't I think of that!?"  :o)   Before I made a final decision I wanted to see the rest of the suggestions.

160 comments! Holy Cow! You guys are amazing! There were lots of other names that I liked but I just kept coming back to Boomerang. Some of my other favorites were 'Arrowhead', 'Point Break', and 'Brick a Brack'.  Thank you all so much for sharing your ideas and playing along. I may even use one of your names for a future quilt! (don't worry, I'll let you know ;o)

Now back to sewing and hopefully some fun pics soon.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brain fart!

Ok folks, I need you help!
I designed this quilt a few months ago and I love it! I'm in the process of making it up in my new fabric (Wahoo!!) but I can't seem to think of a good name for this pattern.
Please don't re-post this picture to pinterest or any other social media with permission. Thanks!
This prototype I made using PB&J by BasicGrey for Moda. There are millions of patterns out there with "zigzag" or "chevron" names- but this one is different.
So I decided to have a contest. Leave me a comment with your name suggestion. I'll collect ideas until the end of the week. Hopefully from all of your ideas I'll be able to pick just ONE winner. The winner will recieve a
FAT QUARTER BUNDLE of the entire 24 prints of my new collection
and or course a copy of the pattern.
Now get to work- this guy needs a name!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Trunk Show

Hey there! This Saturday I'm going to be at Thimbles and Threads in Draper, UT from 12pm-3pm. Stop by and say HI!

Thimbles and Threads is a fabulous store and they've made some fun changes. If you can't make it up on Saturday to visit, be sure to stop by there soon and see all the great things they have. You won't regret it.

See you soon!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I honestly can't thank you all enough for your kind comments. My whole intent on posting was merely to give myself an outlet to say the things I was feeling. I knew that a few of you would read and understand but I had no idea how many of you have dealt with/are still dealing with the same thing. Although it sucks for all of us, it is a comfort to know we're not alone.

Thank you all for you love and support and kind words. They truly have lifted my spirit as I've read them and keep going back to read them again.

I've been feeling a little better since my rant. At least in my overall outlook of things. I know it will take some time to find what "works" for me but until then I'll keep plugging along. And of course my favorite way to do that is by sewing! :o)

I had some extra scraps from a project the other day that I thought would be perfect for string blocks. I've never made a string block for myself but have made a few for various "bee" blocks. Of course there weren't enough scraps for a whole quilt so I decided to make a couple of pot holders. I used leftover 2 1/2" squares of the same fabrics for the backs.

 I started by piecing each "block", layering it with batting and a piece of muslin on the back. Then I quilted it. I had 4 mini quilts: (2) string blocks and (2) scrappy square blocks. Then I put them together so the muslin was next to each other; one string block and one scrappy square block. I added a binding and put a loop of ric rac for the hanger. I never hang my pot holders but if I ever decide to do so, they'll be ready.

I've seen lots of different ways of making these but since I didn't have any of the thermal batting stuff I wanted to make sure these would be thick enough for the heat. I think with the two layers of batting plus a double layer of muslin in the center they should work just fine at protecting my counters from hot pans. I also wanted them to be BIG. Most of the pot holders I see are around 8" square- these are 10".

The colors make me happy. But I have to admit- I just can't seem to put them in the drawer. I might have to force myself to use them. :o)

By the way- I had so much fun making these that I have 3 more in the works. Perfect way to use up scraps and make something pretty and useful!

Monday, March 11, 2013


This post contains a lengthy rant of my thyroid troubles. If you don't want to read it I won't be offended. I just need to get it out of my system.

I didn't want to get up this morning. Good thing I have responsibilities (i.e. children) to force me to be human. They were really good this morning too, which is a blessing.

My thyroid is out of whack again. I don't talk about it much because I don't want people to feel sorry for me. Or for people to think I want them to feel sorry for me. Believe me, I've seen lots of sideways glances and eye-rolling. Really the only reason I usually bring it up is so that people can understand that there is a reason- I'm not just lazy and stupid.

See when my thyroid is out of whack I get what is known as 'brain fog'. I loose words in the middle of a sentence. And it's not amazingly smart sounding intellectual words. It's words like "Street", "House", "Book". You know, words any normal adult would know. But they just leave my brain. Blank. Completely black. It leaves me feeling like a complete idiot and I worry that people may think I am.

Also, I get really tired- in an instant. Seriously. I can be going along one minute having a normal day. Feeling normal. Acting normal. And then all of a sudden I hit a wall and I am done. I yawn uncontrollably (have you seen my ginormous tonsils!?) and don't even have the energy to move. Unfortunately this usually happens between 3-6pm. I feel so bad for my husband and kids to have to deal with it but if I could help it I would. That's the point! I have no control.

Since my thyroid cancer diagnosis 3 years ago I have gained 40 pounds. This has been a struggle too because if it comes up and I tell people they say "Oh, well you don't look it." Guess what, yes I do. And I feel it. That's the worst part. I want to exercise but it come at a price. First, trying to convince myself mentally is one battle. Then I have to decide what my day look like and if I can squeeze in a workout. But it's not just that. I can make time in the morning but I'll pay for it in the afternoon. You know, that 3-6pm time frame? If I exercise I can pretty much guarantee it will be closer to 3. The other downfall is it is SO HARD to loose the weight. It doesn't matter how many calories I cut out or how long I exercise- my body won't get rid of anything.

They say thyroid imbalance can cause depression. Well I already have anxiety (it can cause that too) which is in the same family. I take meds for it which can cause depression too. Compound that with feeling stupid and not having energy plus endless winters and yes, I would say thyroid imbalance can cause depression. So is it the chicken or the egg? Not sure in my case.

I went to my Endocrinologist last week. That's a Dr. that specializes in the endocrine system. Your thyroid is butterfly shaped (hence the picture above) and is your endocrine system. Well, it regulates it anyway. When you don't have a thyroid there's no regulation. Endo's like to say that "synthetic" thyroid does just as good but it really doesn't. If that were the case I wouldn't be ranting right now. Based on the amount I take I should feel like a 15 year old (energy wise anyway). But instead I feel like an 80 year old.

The synthetic thyroid meds I take can be affected by calcium and iron intake. For that reason I have to take it 4 hours before I eat. But I also have horrible calcium imbalance (your thyroid affects that too). I used to have really strong teeth- now they're falling apart. Last year I ended up with stress fractures in both ankles- from standing. I'm sure a bone scan would show my bones look like those of birds- hollow.

So I've been feeling crappy this past couple weeks and my thyroid (or lack of one) is the reason. I realize that things in my life could be much worse and I am grateful that they aren't. But that doesn't mean that life doesn't suck. And that doesn't mean that my trial isn't still a trial.

I'm going to go lay on the couch and watch the Kardashian's with my new minkie quilt. I'll come back when I have something nice to say.  :o)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Getting fatter

So today THIS happened:
I needed to drop off a few quilts at Thimbles and Threads for a trunk show that I'll be doing on March 16th (you should come see me!) I took my friend Marion (from MyQuiltDiet) along with me. The idea was we would run up there, drop off the quilts, grab lunch and head home. But then I thought "Wait! We should go to that other store, too!" That store is a special secret. It has awesome gems like Sunkissed, Fandango and even some Henna Garden! :o)  I really want to tell you about it but if I do you'll rush out and buy all the goodies and it won't be so special. You understand, right!?
After we left the other store I suggested we run up to Pine Needles to see their new shop. They are in the same shopping center but just moved into a bigger store and it is GORGEOUS!!! Lots of people have asked where to find Michael Miller Fabrics in Utah- well Pine Needles is the place. They have TONS of MMF fabrics. really. tons. And their new store is so big and spacious and cute and fun and pretty and full of gorgeous fabrics. Most of my haul today came from there.
We met up with our friend Suzanne at Pine Needles and she suggested we jaunt down to Material Girls. It wasn't quite time to pick up my kids from school yet so why not!?
Throughout our impromptu shop-hop I managed to pick up quite a few fat quarters. 44 to be exact. I'm into building my stash with color right now. I blame Instagram because I see so many fun things every day.
And so that's my story of how I became 44 quarters fatter. Oh and if you're wondering- yes, that's an ice cream sundae at the top of my stack. :o)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Block Head

I have two block exchange groups coming up and I can't decide which block to have them do. Last year I happened to have scheduled the same moth for each group. It was completely an accident but turned out really fun. I had each group do the same block so I was able to get so many more done.
 This time around I scheduled the months close together again (another accident). One groupe meets next week. The other group will get my blocks next month. The problem is- I can't decide which blocks to have them make! 
I thought it might be fun to add a poll to the blog and see which block you pick.
My first choice is 'Swoon' by Thimbleblossoms. I love this pattern and I think I'm the only one on the planet that hasn't made this quilt yet. The only con to choosing this block is that it requires everyone to purchase the pattern. Not really a con if you ask me since this pattern is FABULOUS!

from Bee In My Bonnet
My second option is the Granny Square. Lots of these going around as of late and I think they're so fun. I like this particular version because it has 3 rows of blocks and a center (as opossed to the 2 rows that I most often see)

from Bijou Lovely
My third choice is X-Plus. This is a really fun quilt and great for a scrappy look. I like the idea of grabbing from my scrap bin and saying "Go for it!"

from Made by Bec
My fourth option is a rainbow block. I'm not sure if I would do this exact block (log cabin) or layout- but I do love me a rainbow!
So what do you think?
I added a poll on the right side of the blog so you can choose which block you think I should do.