Wednesday, December 31, 2008


okay people, I'm a little disappointed (sniff, sniff). I didn't get as many comments as I thought I would.
But did get a few contest ideas. I also got several other ideas from local friends of mine. But I have to say, Kelli's last minute comment made me laugh and got me thinking of all my crazy sewing ideas.
So, with that,
Kelli is our contest-contest winner!
(Please email me with your contact info.)
Now for the REAL contest rules:
Leave a comment telling us the craziest thing you've ever sewn/quilted etc. The contest ends on Jan. 31. The prize is one of our not-yet-released patterns and kit to go with.
All right you crazy quilter's let me hear it!


Kira said...

Yoda ears, crocheted, and cloak for a baby. Daisy duck kissing Donald duck on a pillow front. Crazy on a whim, no patterns.

Codi said...

in the process of making a king size denim quilt. denim patches on fatquarter scraps, then all seams embroidered. its been over 2 years of plugging away, and i'm almost done piecing, and barely there on the embroidery. which includes quotes, pictures, whatever, all by hand. very involved. this was also my first quilting project ever. pic are on my blog,

Rita E in AZ said...

I have to admit I have sewn some crazy looking things over the years but the one that really stands out for me was the wedding dress I made for my daughter. One of the set in sleeves was puckered around the seam and even though I tried to ignore it and finish up the dress I could hardly sleep at night thinking about it. Finally I removed the sleeve and redid it - I can't tell you how happy I was because there was not a pucker anywhere - truly some of my best work. Unfortunately, when I went to hang up the dress something was amiss. EEK, I had sewn the sleeve in upside down so the shoulder was in the armpit! DH thought it was quite funny and told me to leave it that way and she could hold her arm up as though waving to the crowd all day. Of course I redid the sleeve for the third time but I still believe the upside down one was a better job (:.
Rita E in AZ
requilt (at) yahoo (dot) com

ytsmom said...

Mermaid costumes! And these were for myself and a friend; we were on a float. I didn't have a pattern, used some seafoam green polished cotton and Scribbles paints.

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