Friday, February 13, 2009

Down Under

Ok. Remember months ago when I was having a serious problem because I was SO in love with Tula Pink's line NEPTUNE? I was lucky enough to score some early release fabric and got to work. Well, this is the first quilt finished.

Isn't it SO cute! I'm so in love with this quilt. I used a layer cake on this but only used the blues and greens because that's all my local store ordered. But I cannot wait until I get to sew it up using the coral color too. I think it's going to be amazing.


Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

I love this quilt and the colors are great. So nice to get fabric early...I haven't purchased a layer cake of any fabric before. I always pre wash my fabric, would you pre wash layer cake fabric?

Emily Herrick said...

I never pre-wash my fabrics. I love the puckery look that my quilts have after they are quilted and washed for the first time. But I am not against pre-washing. I would not recommend pre-washing payer cakes though. You're just asking for a ton of extra work. and because the pieces are smaller I don't even know how they would take it. You can look for the fabric in you local quilt store next month.

Melanie said...

This one is so cute! Perfect for a little boy! You have such a great eye for colors!You take after your dad!

Rebecca Jenny said...

So cute! How do you ever find the time?