Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I need your help.

OK. So we all know that, as quilters, we can go a little crazy sometimes. Well I am in a predicament and I know you all have been there before.

I bought some fabric AGES ago that I LOVED, but didn't know what I was going to do with it. Well, here I am, a year or so later with an idea. I happen to have enough yardage for this quilt, but I don't have enough for a back.

I am asking you, my faithful readers if you can help me locate the fabric for the back of this quilt. What I am looking for is this:

It's from Shangri La by Moda. I have found it in 45" but it also comes in 108" quilt backing. This is what I need; at LEAST 2 yards.

I have been all over the web- but you know how that can be. I'm hoping that with this plea someone, somewhere, may have seen it in a local shop or in their stash and might be willing to part with it (for a decent price, that is).


P.S.- I think I'll offer a reward! A free Crazy Old Ladies pattern of your choice for any imformation that gets me some of that fabric!.


Sarah C said...

it doesnt look like they offer the red in 108''

At least not on this Spring Market 2007 order form


If you do find it though let me know...i might need to order some for myself

Emily Herrick said...

You rock, Sarah! I totally thought it did and I would've been searching forever. Thanks for your detective work. I guess I'll be buying yardage and piecing it afterall. THANK YOU!

Emily Herrick said...

By the way Sarah, if you email me your address I will be happy to send you a free pattern for your help.


Amy said...

Emily! Your husband told me about Crazy Old Ladies and I am so excited for you! Your quilts are gorgeous! Good luck at market. I hope it goes great!!!

Chl said...

Instead of buying a whole bolt - unless you want it, there is a store -- www.itsastitchonline.com -- they happen to have the print that you are wanting. Have fun with your purchases!

jlk said...

Did you check ebay? I have had some amazing fabric finds on ebay.