Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 projects done.

Yesterday I sewed ALL DAY LONG! This is not an exaggeration! Literally, aside from trips to the potty and a quick snack here and there I was at my machine. I was able to finished 2 quilt tops, and start and finish another. I guess since I just gave away 3 quilt tops my brain knew there was a deficit! I think I have a serious problem- wouldn't you agree?

My house looks like a tornado hit it. Dished piled up on the counter. Laundry baskets overflowing. You can't even walk around bare-foot because the floor is covered with dried playdough, bread crumbs from last nights dinner, and cereal. I know, GROSS!

So, today is dedicated to CLEANING my house. Mostly because child welfare services is going to walk through my door any minute (not literally) and because my husband and I are taking off tonight for a mini-vacation to Park City to celebrate our 10th Anniversary!

Have you ever stayed on a project for a long time and neglected everything else? Tell me about it!


Becky said...

The one I am working on right now is consuming me. Between working on it and getting inspiration from blogland, after I am so sew I can no longer do anything else, my kids probably think they have no mother. And from the way they have been fighting tonight, it must be true. I have gotten it to the handsewing part...and it is sitting over there on the dresser taunting me to pick it back up. I am super excited to give this one it has consumed all the time this week that I can muster! And my shoulder and back will atest to that.

The Painters said...

I found you on Ucreate! I actually had one of those days yesterday! I am relatively new at sewing so I have been taking on new projects to help me learn. I decided I wanted to do a rag quilt and it took me about 9 hours to cut everything, sew, clip and wash! I was pleased with my finished project, but a quick glance around my house showed me that I had neglected the cleaning that needed to be done and the new mess created by sewing a rag quilt! So I am cleaning and admiring my new quilt :)

Emily Herrick said...

OH, I am so glad to know that there are others who are willing to ignore that daily drone of housework in order to follow a passion in quilting!