Friday, August 7, 2009


Last post I mentioned how excited I am about scrapbook designers FINALLY designing fabric. Seriously, It's like Christmas and my Birthday all in one! I can't get enough of this fabric. One of my all time fav's- Basic Grey has come out with a new line 'EVA'.

I may have mentioned the horrible event that happened to me at Market- but let me remind you again. As soon as I saw clips of this fabric line I had an idea for a pattern in minutes! I was so excited about it. That was until I walked down to the Moda booths and saw a quilt done out of 'Eva' in such a similar pattern it would have been ridiculous for me to design mine. Now, as far as patterns go, they had a similar theme but weren't really the same. The reason why it was impossible for me to design mine is because they were out of the same fabric. Really, it would have been silly.

So I've sulked about it for 2 months. Literally. Until one day it came to me and I am ecstatic about the results! Introducing:


It's not the greatest pic. (I hate it when that happens!) The rich purples, luscious burgundy mixed with lighter pinks complimented with a completely contrasting electric green! It's brilliant and beautiful. But don't worry. If this color palate doesn't strike your fancy- imagine how cute it would be in festive holiday prints all wrapped up like packages!


RazakFamily said...

This is GREAT!! I would have definitely called it "gifts" or something like that! I can't wait to try it out :)

Emily said...

Wow! I love the way it all pops! it looks great!

lissa said...

Love your quilt design. The quilt moda made was using a pattern and templates from Elisa's Backporch designs

Alicia said...

Okay, so I have seen so many of your beautiful patterns, but where do I buy them?