Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brigham City!

I know, I know. I didn't post what I said I was going to post. But I was busy!

Thursday morning I got a call from a wonderful friend up in Brigham City, Utah. Fran, from Village Dry Goods was in a bind. Her guild was meeting on Sat. and she needed a guest and she called ME!!! See, me and Fran go WAAAAAYYY back. :o) When I was first starting my business I showed Fran and a few other girls from her shop some of our quilts- from the trunk of my car. It was a REAL trunk-show!

So this morning I woke bright and early for a 2 hour drive north to the quaint town of Brigham City. Thank goodness my BFF came with me or that would've been a boring drive! If you've never been in Brigham City, you should. It is the cutest town that sits in northern Utah and is the gateway from the Salt Lake valley to Logan, UT. Everytime we head to Logan we get to go through Brigham City and I always stop at Village Dry Goods. They have such a cute store and a great selection of fabric for EVERYONE. I always end up with several great finds from their store.

The purpose of my trip was to present a trunk-show of my quilts and patterns to the guild. I hauled 2 large totes overflowing with quilts and I never thought they'd want to see ALL of them, but they did. Thos ladies were wonderful. Afterwards I stopped into the store (how could I not?) and boy was it packed. All those ladies from he guild plus regular customers- we had those ladies cuttin' fabric like crazy. A couple of husbands even wandered in and boy were they sorry! LOL ;o) Of course I found a few "must haves", then we were off to lunch.

Fran took me to Ricardo's for the most AMAZING chicken chimichanga I have ever had. It was rather large but tasted so good. And since we sat and talked for a long while I ate all of it! Boy was I full. But not too full for Idle Isle's. Idle Isle is a hometown chocolate shop with some yummy treats. My BFF has been going there for years and insited we go. I'm glad we did. I ate chocolate's all the way home.

I gotta say, it was a fantastic day! Thanks all you ladies for making it so fun- can't wait to come up and party again soon.


Cheri C. said...

I like that shop as well. Fun Stuff and I love that Bug Quilt they have up.

The only thing I would have done differently would have been to stop at Maddox's. Yummy! I would love to say I would try your Mexican food. However, I can't resist Village Dry Goods and then a little Maddox to go.

Love your quilts!!

Barb said...

How fun....I would love to see your trunk show!!

Shannon said...

Sounds like fun, we have been there several times. We love the Maddox for lunch or dinner. I haven't been to the candy store yet though, need to stop there the next time were up there.

Connie said...

sounds like fun and would like to seem the trunk show. HAPPY SEWING!

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

Did you bring me back some chocolate? I need to have Fran bring me some to the July Fair. Idle Isle is one of my all time favorite places!