Saturday, March 13, 2010

I can't believe it!

It's beena rough couple of days- but I'm recovering well. I'm still in the hospital but finally feeling good enough to do more than just watch TV and doze in and out of consciousness.

Remember my projects?

Well I pulled out my 'bag of tricks' this morning and guess what I found?


What kind of quilter packs everything needed for a project and forgets a spool of thread? I mean, I even made sure to buy some needles so that I had them because I NEVER do hand work. I have needles, I have scissors. I have all the pieces to sew together trimmed and pressed and ready to go and NO THREAD to stitch them together with. ARGH!

I've asked all over the floor. no one has thread. I'm ready to call a real Dr. and ask for some sutures!

Actually, I have a friend coming to my resuce in a few hours and bringing me thread. But when she's here I won't want to sew- I'll want to visit. It's right now- my down (bored) time that I need thread.

UGH! I Can't believe it!


Pokey said...

Man, times are tough! I am sorry you are ill, but no thread to pass the time, mm-mm-m. Bad news.
Get better soon!!
;-} pokey

SewDownunder said...

Well you put a smile on my face! I can so picture the whole thing. All the best, hope you are home soon. PS I have only recently discovered the world of quilt blogging and really enjoy visiting yours.

Nancy said...

Too bad most hospital sheets are a could pull some thread and use it..

At least you are feeling good enough to sew and when your visitor leaves you can catch up.

bettyp said...

What a great friend you have !!! Hope you get better soon and get on home ...

Shannon said...

Sorry I didn't make it over today, they called me into work and I just got home. I will try and make it over tomorrow, you will probably be home. I will call first before I come. I'm so sorry you forgot your thread, did you finally get it? I'm glad you are doing even better today than yesterday. You have such a great attitude about everything, and this will help in a speedy recovery. But take care of yourself. Talk to you soon.

Judi said...

I always forget something, but so sad that you didn't have your thread in the hospital, (I can't imagine a more boring place). I hope you are on the mend and are feeling better! Take care!

Chl said...

LOL! I am sewwww glad that I am not the only one that has done this! I feel for ya.

Get well soon. and if you need anything, please call one of us. We would be more than happy to do "most" anything for you.

the chls

Ruth said...

Ugh! Those things happen. I recently packed a bag of take along sewing and forgot my needle! You are not the only one. Hee Hee!

Kira said...

Such a funny irony, isn't it.