Friday, May 28, 2010

Remember when...

...I said I was going to post a lot about Quilt Market? Well I really thought I was going too.

See, my Dr's gave me some thyroid meds to get me through market but I was instructed to stop taking them once it was over. I haven't been taking since Sunday night and everyday I'm getting a little slower. I'm just pooped! I don't have the energy to do much more than sit. Good thing I can sit and sew. But would you believe even that tires me out!

Anyway, I'm very grateful to wonderful Shannon who has been posting a summary of our trip day by day. Take a jaunt over to her blog and read all about it.

Someday soon I'll post a few 'catch-up' pictures that I have.

Thanks for understanding.


onlymehere said...

I'm hypothyroid and totally understand. It's a kind of fatigue that you just can't describe to someone else. Take care of yourself and I hope they get you on some other meds for replacement that work well for you. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Yvonne said...

Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. The posts of Shannon are great like always. Looks like you really enjoyed your stay over there! Hope you will be feeling a little bit better soon!

April M. said...

Shannon did a great job documenting your trip. It looked like so much fun! You should just post the picture of yourself sleeping on the bench at the airport - it probably sums up the way you feel right now :) Hope you get some more energy soon ♥

Beth said...

I hope the DR can get you feeling better. SOON.Take care.

Loraine said...

Hope you are feeling better! Shannon did a fabulous job with the market reporting, so don't worry!
Take care.