Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm a collector really. I buy fabric with the best intentions of making the most beautiful quilts out of it. But the truth is- I'm NEVER going to get around to making ALL of them. Sure I can dream of the day all my kids are grown and gone and all I have to do is sit around and quilt all day. But by then I'll have collected so many bundles of fabric I'll have to live until I'm 134 to ever quilt them all. So instead, I'm sharing my collection. I've listed the following on ETSY:

Red, White and Blue
assorted sizes (1/2 yds, FQ's, and 1/4's)
Red and Aqua
assoreted sizes (1/2's, FQ's, 1/4's)

-lots of pieces, assorted sizes
I'll be posting more throughout the weekend including Fat Quarter bundles for every color of the rainbow! :o)

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Yvonne said...

Having them and having the thought of all the beautiful things you can do with 'em is nice isn't it. Just looking at all that fabric once and a while.....and dream...