Monday, December 27, 2010

All is well!

Sorry I haven't posted. My surgery went really well- I was home the next day. Path results weren't great but it was just as I expected. Waiting to see the next step in the whole plan.

As for Christmas- I survived...barely. My kids were so excited to go to bed on Christmas Eve. I was very surprised because I thought I was going to have a fight on my hands. They all went to bed great. Then, a couple hours later my two oldest (Boys, 8 yrs and 10 yrs) started coming in every 15-20mins because they "couldn't sleep". UGH! I wish I could get them to understand that every time they get out of bed it sets them back and if they would just stay laying down with their eyes closed EVENTUALLY they would fall asleep. No such luck. Finally, at 2:30am my 8 yr old has a MAJOR breakdown. Screaming and crying because he knows Santa won't come until he falls asleep but he CAN'T! Wore him out and he finally fell asleep. But in the meantime woke my little 5yr old girl. ARGH! Slept with her for a while in her bed just to get her to sleep. Finally my husband woke me up at 4:30 to tell me Santa had come. And because he's a kid at heart and couldn't contain his own excitement decided to wake all the kids (even though I just BARELY got them to sleep) and have Christmas morning at 5am. We had planned on 7! Oh well. The kids were happy and it was a nice morning but I'm still re-living Christmas Eve and cringing. Ugh, NEVER AGAIN!

So, how was your Holiday?

I'm going to try and get back to my regular posting but I have a few MAJOR deadlines coming up so I'll do my best!

I'm going to release the Valentine countdown pattern soon and will list it on my Etsy as soon as I do so everyone has a chance to get it and have time to make it before Valentine's Day! :o)


Jan Hatchett said...

I can SO relate! My boys are 12 and 14 and they still are up and down on Christmas Eve--even though they know that nothing will happen until they go to sleep. Go figure.

Vivian said...

My two girls went off to bed at 8:30 p.m. At midnight my 10 y.o. was sobbing uncontrollably in her bed because she couldn't get to sleep and if she's still awake, Santa won't come! She was devastated! It took me laying down with her and an episode of Murder She Wrote on DVD to put her to sleep (Jessica Fletcher does that to her, guess she finds it boring!).
My other daughter was still getting up periodically at 1:30 a.m. Hubby fell asleep on the couch about 10 p.m. so he was fine LOL.
I feel your exhaustion.
BTW, all the best to you, I wish you a healthy and wonderful 2011.

Pauline said...

oh you poor thing..I can remember those days..rofl..actually my dh used to get crabby because I would wake my kids at around you had a nice day anyway..

Beth said...

I remember being so excited that I couldn't get to sleep on Christmas eve. I also remember my girls doing the same thing.
Anyway, you survived another holiday.
I hope all goes well with any further treatment you might need.

Yvonne said...

It is good to hear from you again, I have been wondering how you where doing. Hope all is well.
What a Christmas it must have been for you! After the holidays you could use one!

Tiffany said...

That is so sweet that your husband was super excited to wake the kids up early. Hopefully they took a nap later and let you as well!

Ann said...

Glad you are back after your surgery. Hope you have a great 2011.
Our children were never like that (honest truth) - they went to bed on time and slept in til 7 a.m. It was my father I had to monitor for he would have had the children up at 5 a.m. Christmas morning. I use to tell him that he could look after them in the afternoon if he got them up. They really needed their sleep.
It wasn't until our youngest was on her own that she use to get us up early for Christmas - go figure that one out.