Friday, March 4, 2011

Scary Forest

Have you ever seen the movie "Kiss the Girls"? It has Ashley Judd and Morgan Freeman. I used to watch thrillers like that back in the day (pre-children) but not anymore.

Anyhow...there's this scene where Ashley's character is running through the woods and you can't see ANYTHING except tree trunks. The space between tree trunks where you might see the clearing up ahead is instead filled with more tree trunks. THERE IS NO WAY OUT!

I live in Utah and my husband likes the out-of-doors (ok, he's a hunter.) We've taken many scenic trips through the beautiful mountains. But everytime I look out the window and see a grove of aspens (the ones where the space between trunks is filled with more trunks instead of a clearing) I think "scary forest". If it's dusk-make it ten times as scary.

Then I saw THIS.

The forest doesn't look so scary anymore. It looks amazingly beautiful. I want to sew my own scary forest....except that's a little scary in it's own right. Me and free-hand sewing do not work well together. But ...


Have you ever done anything WAY out-of-the-box for you? How did it turn out? Were you pleased with your creation?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

What a beautiful quilt - thank you for sharing. Out of the box? I did a kalidoscope,paperpieced poppy of silk and hand appliqued (very beginner app. quilter). Too scary to machine quilt, so hand quilted and hand embellished the entire piece. But it was more than I dreamed I could do or expected - named it for my Greatgranie - Lena's Poppys

Yvonne said...

What a great quilt that is! Funny that those Aspens are reminding you of something scary. We don't have those trees here and I really Love, love, love them. When Alex and I are in the States and we go for a hike I always have to stop and look at the trees, touch them, take pictures of them......talking to them would be strange wouldn't it......?
Hope you are going to make that quilt and show it to us.