Monday, April 11, 2011

Vacation: day-by-day

- Finally got on the road for our 12 hour drive 2 hours late. 10 year old child was bored after 20min. in the car.

- Snow flurries and patches of blue sky with sun shining through the windshield had us turning the air from hot to cold and back again.

-Hit the Sierra's at 11pm. 23 degree temps and melted snow make fro ice-y conditions. They also make for a nervous Emily begging her husband to understand her stress even though he promises to "have it under control"- I remind him that they call accidents accidents for a reason.

- Arrive at Grandma and Grandpa's house around 1am. Lots of hugs, chit-chat, and quick to fall asleep travelers.

- After a nice sleep, wake to visit with my little Sis and her adorable baby Travis. Oh I love that boy- can't hold him enough. Allison even let me hold him while he drank his bottle- if you knew how monumental that is you would understand why I posted it.

- Hubs went fishing with the BIL (Brother-In-Law)- no catches.

- Dinner was chicken tacos from Chicken Express. I. LOVE. THEM! Grandma (my Mom) forgot to say "NO Sour Cream" so I had to scrape it off of all 6 of my tacos. Yes, 6!

- Church starts at 8:30am! Loved visiting the Vallejo 1st ward childhood church. So many faces from the past.

- BBQ at my oldest Bro's house with ALL the grand-kids in attendance. Also there, MY Grandpa who will be 96 next month! We're a loud family- but it was GREAT!

- My sis and I played a game with the rest of the fam. We went into another room and used the baby monitor to say different things while the rest of the fam. listened and tried to guess who was saying what. Hilarious! (We sound a lot alike!) Only after did Allison suggest I should have said EVERYTHING only to see how often the guessed her! :o)

I'm having a wonderful time here in Cali. The weather has been a Utahn's dream! :o)

Can't wait for what's to come in the next few days and already feeling sad and dreading our departure on Thursday.


Donna said...

Thursday is days away. Enjoy today! Your trip sounds wonderful.

Yvonne said...

Your family sounds like fun Emily! It is only Monday so you will have time to enjoy yourself, have fun!

Beth said...

enjioy every minute

Janell said...

I'm jealous! It's been so many years since I've been to Vallejo. Glad you're having a good vacay!