Friday, May 20, 2011

Don't Look Now!

One of my favorite booths to visit at market is Don't Look Now!

I LOVE this gal!!!!

Her quilts are nothing short of AMAZING.

I am in awe of her skill....and the majority of it is raw edge applique! (she did comfess that on accoassino she has done a bit of needle-turn.)

Oh how I would love to go to Australia and take one of her classes.

This one caught my eye at market and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

And she had this one in a frame that she made for her daughter with all of her classmates names on the leaves for end of the year. *heart!*

Although I've thought about it a million times I've never purchased a pattern. I fear that it will end up with so many others in that never-gonna-do-it pile.

But this time it's different. I am DETERMINED to do one. I'm starting out small.

I went here to get a free download and started reading and re-reading her steps. It's really pretty straight forward. However, the trick to making the finished product look so wonderful is her quilting technique of going around each shape a couple of times. That is one steady hand!

I'm going to practice, practice, practice on this little pillow and then I will attempt the TREE! :o)


Sinta Renee said...

I think the flower looks very do-able... a whole quilt might not happen though!

Melanie said...

Can't wait to see your tree! Her pillows and quilts are so beautiful and fun!

Kelli said...

I was lucky enough to win a class with her last year, It was so amazing! It is a very addictive form of applique, I think you are going to love it.
She is just so lovely and super sweet too!

Nancy said...

I will be watching for you to start that tree. I have the pattern...somewhere... and would love to start it..

Joy said...

I have always loved her work... I wish I could do it.. I'm looking forward in seeing yours.