Monday, June 27, 2011

Key Lime cake and Binding

I cam across this recipe over at The Lettered Cottage the other day and just HAD to try it. Um....DELISH!

 I've mentioned before that I am not a great baker. In fact, I took a few liberties with this recipe since I didn't have everything on hand. For example- I didn't have lime jello, so I used a lemon pie filling and added a couple drops of green food coloring. I also didn't have OJ, so I just used a little extra key lime juice and water. Also, I made a no-bake cheescake recipe I have and spread that over for the icing instead. But let me tell you- it was a HIT!!!  My hubs especially liked it so that makes it even better.  :o)

Go on, make it- you won't be disappointed!

I spent the hot, sticky evening last night finishing the binding on this project:

I can't show you the front because it's far a special publication. But I'll be sure to tell you when it's out. Obviously I used GOING COASTAL and it turned out so fun!


Lynette said...

The crabs sure do make a fun back!

Kira said...

Very nice. It is so hot in my house today, I think that cake would melt.

Bending Pins said...

I want some of that crab fabric, I'm so in love with it!!

HOPE said...

cake looks yummy do your quilts!

Maybe you can help me? or your readers..

I have been searching for a pattern of a KIMONON that is folded (I think?) and sewin onto a black background..stunny presentation. I saw it in a Quilt magazine a while back??

I have some lovely fabric brought to me from Japan..the very fabric used by them for their Kimonos. I wanted so much to make a wallhanging using this fabric.

Your help would be GREATLY appreciated.


Sherri said...

I cannot wait for Going Coastal to come out...I have a couple of things designed for it and just keep waiting and waiting. Maybe the key lime cake will help, lol!

rubyslipperz1052 said...

Great goin' with the recipe alterations!!. I'm not a conformist by any stretch of the imagination...I'm always adlibbing with recipes...for better or WORSE! =P

I'm excited to see the front of the quilt. The back is sure fun!