Monday, December 19, 2011

Seuss-y Christmas

 Oh that Grinch- he is my FAVORITE!!!  The moral of the story is a great one. Whenever it comes on television I have to sit and watch (the original animated Seuss- not the Jim Carrey one). It takes me back to my childhood before Disney and Nickelodeon were on TV and you only got to see cartoons on Saturday mornings and when there was a "Special" on during prime-time. I love "Specials"!!!!  I haven't seen it yet this season though. Maybe I should Netflix it!  :o)

I've been working on finishing some last minute projects. This is a quilt I just finished quilting for a friend of mine. She's giving it to her little boy for Christmas.

 It's a simple design which is key when you have such loud and fun fabrics. I just LOVED quilting it.

Each row got a different quilting motif. The words got straight line quilting. The spots got loopty-loops around the spots. The stripes got zig-zags. And the other prints with characters on them got a simple stipple. I LOVE how it turned out.
(I tried to get a picture of the back but its snowing so the lighting is bad.)

Time to go deliver it!!!


Megan R. said...

I love that quilt! such cute fabric.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

My husband wanted a grinch tree topper, I couldn't find one, so he is getting a grinch quilt instead. If I get it done in time. Been working lots of hours, and helping my daughter and her boyfriend move out this week. Why they decided to move out the week BEFORE Christmas is beyond me.

Happy Me said...

What a great quilt! Thank you for sharing it!

Sharon Pernes said...

What a cute quilt. My hubs favorite is the Grinch too, but I haven't gotten to make it yet.
I did Netflix it and it's not available :(

Brenda said...

I am a HUGE Seuss fan and have been collecting the fabric as money allows.;) This is fantastic... Great job with the quilting!! I love how you took the time to do each row different. Great job... I would be estatic if this was mine! :)

Brandie said...

I made my daughter a quilt top one similar to this one last year for christmas. I have been waiting to quilt it cause I didn't know what to do. i like the different quilting per fabrics