Friday, February 17, 2012


To say this week has been interesting is an understatement.

It started out with expectations of 'Love' and celebrating Valentine's day by writing names on paper valentines and sticking lollipops to said valentines.

As the week went on it quickly turned into summersaults.

Those summersaults continued through yesterday evening when they came to an ubrupt hault with a sudden smash into a brick wall.

All in all we're good. Life has yet again been brought into perspective.

I'll be back next week with fun things to share.

But for now I'm going to veg.

Yup. Just me, my OnDemand, and Angry Birds.

Oh yeah, and these

What!? My Girl Scout cookies haven't come yet. Don't judge.  :o)

Have a good weekend.



Kira said...

It's been like that for me this week too.

Megan R. said...

I love you! If you need company vegging let me know. I"ll come join ya :)