Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Storytime Fun

At the local elementary school where my children attend, the PTA does a fundraiser towards the end of the year. The past few years they've made story baskets for each class then auctioned them off. A little over a week ago I was asked if I was going to donate a quilt again. AGAIN!? I didn't even remember that I had donated one last year! :o) I think it was one from my stash that was just sitting. Anyway, even though my plate is overflowing with work these days I agreed to donate another quilt.

Each teacher picks a book as the theme for their basket. The basket is filled with fun little items that correlate with the book. Once I found out the title of the book, I knew I didn't have anything to go along with it. So I started searching for fabric. I finished the quilt for my daughter's class on Friday and decided that I should probably make one for my son's class too. (CRAZY!) Again, a quick search of the Internet and calling a few shops and I had the second fabric in my hand. I just barely finished sewing the binding on and it's off to school this morning.

I didn't get a picture of the first quilt, but this is the fabric I chose:
Dino Dudes- Michael Miller

to go with this book: 

(click for more info. from AMAZON)

I managed to snap a quick pic of the second quilt this morning (in horrible light) just before I sent it off to school with my boy.

I decided to go simple and sweet. Wholecloth print with a simple border. The other quilt was done the same way with a fun lime green fabric for the border.

This is an up-close picture of the Monster print:

Monsters- Michael Miller

This fabric is SO FUN! I really like the dinos too, but the Monsters go perfectly with many of the prints from Hall of Fame! I used the Red numbers on the border, the blue turf on the bunding, and the yellow spots for the backing. 

(click for more information from AMAZON)

Now that those are done- back to my regularly scheduled quilt related work. :o)

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Ruth Ann said...

Love your quilt donations! The school I used to teach at always did baskets for our silent auction at the carnival. The teacher and home room parent were responsible for coming up with a theme. I love the book theme. I may call them with this idea for their next auction!

Kira said...

Great idea. Matching quilts with stories is fantastic. What a way to make literature live.

Unknown said...

Wow - You're fast! I love the idea of matching up a quilt to a favorite book! That would be an awesome "Grandma Thing" for me to do for birthdays or Christmas! Sweet! :)

WandaFish said...

What a fun idea and such a cute quilt! I bet the fundraisers are delighted to have you on board :)

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

You're crazy! Not only didn't you say no, but you made two! That makes you official "Super Mom!"

smileynann said...

Em, what are the sizes on those quilts -- just lap sized?