Monday, April 2, 2012

The time has come

To tally up the votes and announce the winner for the Block Contest. It was fun to watch the voting along the way and watch blocks pull ahead. Thank you again to EVERYONE that participated. It was so much fun. I might have to do this again sometime.  :o)

So to make it official, the GRAND PRIZE winner and reciever of 1 yard each of the entire Hall Of Fame fabric collection is:

with 28% of the votes

2nd place and winner of a Hall of Fame FQ bundle is
with 22% of the votes

 3rd place and winner of a Hall of Fame 10 square is
with 13% of the votes

The remaining winners: Melissa, Mom2RyanSis, Patchwork Duck, Sandy R2011, and Sherry L S will each recieve a Hall of Fame 5 square pack and a Crazy Old Ladies quilt pattern.

Again, thanks for everyone who participated and all who voted. It's been a blast!!!

(Winners: If you haven't recieved an email from me, please contact me with your shipping information. THANKS!)


Loves to Quilt said...

Thank you, I didn't realize that I had won! Will email my info

tubakk said...

Me? I won? Oh happy day! Thank you so much, this was really fun. I'd like to participate again. Congratulations to the other winners too!

Melissa Corry said...

What fun!! Thanks so much for having such a great little contest!!

WandaFish said...

Thanks so much, I'm delighted to be runner up! Congrats to the other winners too, there were some fantastic blocks.
Thanks for the competition and thanks to everyone who voted for me :)