Friday, June 22, 2012

Snippets from Summer

The hubs is gone this week at Scout Camp. That means it's just me and the kids. All. Week. Long. We had a rough couple of days with nasty summer colds and a bout of cabin fever but everyone is feeling better now so we've been out playing. We went to the aquarium yesterday and today we plan on seeing a movie!

I have managed to spend a little bit of time in my 'studio' though.

Here's a little clue to one of the projects I've been playing with. :o)

I'm also working on a new pattern using the fabrics below. Yes- all solids!

My girl has been helping me a lot too. We've been playing "Quilt-Shop" daily. It's one of her favorite make-believe games. I like it too because I can get work done and play with her at the same time. She's a big help too. She helps me press pieces and fold fabric. She even gets to sew every once in a while. It's good training for her to become a real "Crazy Old Lady" in a few more years.  :o)

The other day I promised her I would sew a leash for her puppy.

'Snowball' sure looks cute with a leopard print collar and a white grograin leash.  ;o)

I also managed to finish up my Bee blocks this week. Hop over to the Bees Knees to check them out!


Karen said...

Treasure the memories :).

Yvonne said...

It seems your kids have summer vacation already. Here the kids have to go to school till July 6, they have 6 weeks of vacation. The leash looks cute on Snowball.

Unknown said...

I love blue, I have a blue fabrics year. You have a lot of nice thing her on you blogg. Sorry for my english, I from Norway.