Thursday, July 19, 2012


The other day I was cruisin Center St. in Provo. HA! That's the only way you can since it's 10 mph. Anyway I was looking around at all the old buildings and I spotted what looked like a 'new' place.
Cut to Saturday night when the hubs and I broke away for some "alone time" and I suggested the new place I'd seen.

Apparently they just opened on July 10th. This place is so cool. It's a tiny bit confusing when you walk up because there's signs for The Madison, Cowboys, and Old Towne Grill.  But let me explain.  
After 10pm the back opens and is a club. I believe that's The Madison. They serve delicious looking bar food and of course alchoholic drinks at this time.
Upstairs on the 3rd floor is Cowboys- the country bar. Yes, they even have a mechanical bull. The hubs vows to come give it a try when his back is healed. Yeah, we'll see.
We stayed on the main floor where the Old Town Grill is located. Yes they serve alcohol but as I pointed out to my husband so does Olive Garden, Chile's and Applebee's. Not to mention so many others in the Utah valley. We were carded when we went in which made me feel all young and cute- but we don't drink so opted for Dr. Pepper.  :o)
Afterwards we were told there's a separate section of the restraunt you can go to that doesn't have alcohol at all and is away from the bar signs and such. Great for families. In fact, there were a few eating there when we left.

The menus are super cute- nailed to lightweight pieces of wood.
Oh, and the selection is amazing. There really is something for everyone.
The hubs had fettuccini and I had nachos.

They have the cutest barn-wood art all over the place.
This crazy couple had a great time. I didn't plan on taking a million pics while I was there so only had my cell. Sunny day + bad cell = not so great pictures. Sorry.

Something else I LOVED about the decor was the curtain tie-backs. Yes, ties! I keep trying to figure out where I can do this in my house. :o)

I didn't get pics of dinner but I did manage to keep the husband off of the dessert just long enough to snap a pic of desset. I have a lot of favorite desserts out there- more than I care to mention. But this one BY FAR takes the cake. No pun because this is a brownie...with ice cream....and raspberry the perfect combination. SERIOUSLY!!!

It didn't last long. :o)
(the jar is our drink glass- large and in charge. So perfect!)

This was my favorite sign and completely true. This place is definately AWESOME SAUCE! Every little detail was thought out without being too overdone.
And the prices were reasonable. The hubs and I ate for 32 bucks and that included drinks and dessert. Pretty darn good!
You HAVE to check this place out. 
Just to give you a little push I have a stack of coupons to give out. If you live in the area and want to give this place a try leave a comment and then EMAIL ME your address ( and I will send you a coupon.

Please come help support a tasty local business!
So what are you waiting for? Your coupon could be in the mail TODAY!


A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

Shoot! If I was still in Utah I would take you up on this! Looks like my kind of place.
I passed the post along to my Orem/Spanish Fork peeps though. :)

Unknown said...

You had me at the dessert pic! Shoot me a coupon!

Ella said...

Looks good to me!! And If People don't go to a place because they serve Alcohol Then they better stop going out all together this includes the grocery store since they sell alcohol and the gas stations and the Jazz games and should I go on? Any way looks like a fun cool place we should do lunch there, all the girls!!!

Linda B said...

I'm excited that my daughter passed my your link. My friend and I have lunch once a month and love to try new places. I'm excited to try it. Linda from SF

Abbott Family said...

Thanks Sis (AJ) for a fun quilting blog & a coupon for a night out! Perusing the log now.....

Yvonne said...

That sounds and looks like a place we want to check out when we are back in Utah next March....can't wait! But.....first ....Houston!

Trisha Weekes / myfourtrees said...

The hubs and I, love to support local places as well, we always need some alone time!
I also want to say, I love your patterns and the fabrics you've designed; since you're local, I'd love to meet you sometime!

Trisha Weekes / myfourtrees said...

Emily, Thank you, Thank you! It was absolutely delicious! I decided for my birthday dinner choice I'd take my mom and all my sisters there, we loved it! The dessert tasted even better because it was free (for my birthday)! Thanks for the awesome suggestion!