Saturday, August 11, 2012

Greetings from CANADA!

I really had planned on posting a few times while I was here in Beaverlodge, but I get so busy in the classes or site seeing that this is the first I've sat down at the computer.

Canada is BEAUTIFUL and the classes have been SO FUN!

Here are a couple pics from that last few days.

Can you see my pants!?  They belong to Lyle- the man of the shop. :o) We joked about me having something "crazy" to wear on the first day of class. When he brought them out I was praying they'd fit. I think they might accidentally fall into my suitcase. :o)

Here I am with Deb. The shop had the girls decorate their shirts for class and she had the wildest of them all. :o)

Here's a shot of Linda working on her 'Clambake'landscape. She picked several different fabrics and will have a whole scene when she's done. I hope she'll email a pic because I really want to see it finished.

And here I am talking about one of my quilts making a goofy face. Now you can feel like you're here with me because I often make goofy faces. :o)

I only have a few pix right now because I happened to forget my camera cord in Cali. I've taken TONS!

Hope you're having fun and sewing lots. See you soon!


jlk said...

I LOVE those pants!!

Lynette said...

Haha! Those pants are perfect for the occasion :)

Ann said...

Gorgeous pants Lyle lent you. I have done workshops with Linda and Deb and they are fabulous quilters. Of course, Lyle, Fay, and Erin are fabulous too. Sure miss all my Beaverlodge and area friends.

mary mahoo said...

But have you learned to say eh? With those pants, and an eh?, you'll be an honoUrary Canuck!

Yvonne said...

Your pants did catch my eye, they are so cute! Fun to teach in Canada! I love those COL T-shirts. Are they for sale? It they are save me one to buy when I get to Houston will you?

Marcia W. said...

I like the quilts from the prior post, especially the use of the ruffles.
Must confess that have been stalking your blog to find out the winner of Konda's book. Sept. QAL will be here before we know it.

Cindy Sharp said...

Looks like you are having a blast.