Monday, November 19, 2012


In terms of sheer size and weight my market/festival haul was lots smaller than previous markets. This is good news for my already over crowded shelves and drawers. And good news for my resolution to not buy what I don't need. BAH! Like that's ever going to happen. I did use some restraint and only bought what I knew I couldn't live without. :o)

I managed to go to Sample Spree an hour after they opened the doors. Can you believe there was still a line!? That's where I snagged my Moda fabrics. I still can't believe I scored a FQ bundle of Boho by Urban Chiks but I sure am glad that I did. Also couldn't pass up a little F8 bundle of Twenty-Three by Eric and Julie Comstock. Not pictured (because I've already started cutting into it) is pb&j by Basic Grey and I promise you- it is as yummy as it sounds.  :o) What I didn't get and have already placed an order for is Comma by Zen Chic. Yeah. Wow. It was gone so fast. I want it BAD!

Although my Moda bundles are a fun bunch- the item I was most excited about is this:

Jill Finley's collection of threads from Aurifil. One look at this and I knew it was the perfect collection for me. The colors are perfect for the palette that I usually work with. The only problem is now I don't want to cut into them! :o) I think that my resolution to not buy so much fabric has turned over into buying thread. I already have my eye on 3 other designer collections.

Another lucky score was this:

I mentioned the other day in my market re-cap post that the lovely Patty Sloniger gave me a bundle of her new fabrics. Well here they are for a closer look. These are so delicious!  I already have the perfect patterns picked out for them.  :o)

Of course I came home with a few more things that I haven't taken pictures of to share. I'm sure they'll trickle their way into the blog soon enough.

Want a little taste of only-available-at-quilt-festival goodies yourself? I designed a few prints that I had available at festival and have the few that I brought home listed in my Etsy shop.

I have different sayings and colors available as well as the opportunity to have a custom one made. This is a great gift idea for your fellow guild/bee/quilter friend. :o)
I put mine into a simple Walmart frame that came with a double mat. I took the mat apart and covered the outer one with some Madras Plaid. Stuck everything back together for a cute and personalized piece of decor for my studio.
And now I better get back to what I like best- sewing!


Leanne said...

You have some beautiful fabrics there. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Bev said...

I just bought something from your Etsy shop! That is actually my motto! Awesome! When I get it, I'll show it on my blog.

Cheery wave!

Beth said...

fantastic fabrics. and the framed sign is great.

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