Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Time Blues

We are in full swing here. You know- whining, crying, "I'm bored", etc. Why is summer so difficult?
It's taken a full two weeks to find some kind of rhythm. It's not a pretty sounding rhythm, but you can make out a faint beat.
The other night we took our kids into the canyon for hot dogs and roasted mallows. This is how they would like everyone to believe they are- Causally sitting around the fire engaged in stimulating intellectual conversation.

This is what it really look like.
I fondly joked before school got out that I love my children more when they are in school all day. There is a bit of truth to that, don't you think? Absence makes the heart grow fonder. :o)
We're getting our groove. We're doing OK. They are finally realizing that Yes, chores are an acceptable way to spend your morning during summer break.
I think I might make it to September after all.


Beth said...

Emily, I was going to tell you that when my kids started the I am bored thing, I gave them chores to do. Not the usual pick up your shoes and put them away thing but more like take all the books off the bookcase and dust it then put them all back. ;)
They really found other stuff to do really quickly and were never bored. LOL
Have a good summer

Bev said...

I did exactly what Beth did! Every time I heard "bored" I picked a task off my list and gave it to them. They may still be bored but you won't have to listen!

They will be gone for good before you know it....


Yvonne said...

Good advice from Beth and Bev! Your vacation is so long! No wonder everyone gets bored and gets on eachothers nerves. Our middle school summer vacation is 6 weeks and high school is 8. But at high school most of the kids have summer jobs so no time to get bored :) Happy summer!

GO STARS! said...

I remember the first two weeks of summer and the last two weeks were the worst with my three boys. We'd have to get our summer groove back and then switch gears back to school. Not always fun and games!