Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I wouldn't necessarily call myself a diva, but camping is NOT my thing. I've managed to have enough excuses to get me out of it for the last several years (the kids are too little or I won't sleep in a tent) But when my husband inherited a trailer from his parents I was out of options.
 I decided that my kids need to have lots of different experiences and camping with their Mom should be one of them (They've been with the hubs many times). I put my big girl pants on and we set out on an adventure.
This handsome guy was out tour guide. He was taking us to his favorite fishing spot. In my agreement to come along it was decided that I would be along for the ride- he would take care of everything including meals. :o)
Unfortunately it was a little too hot and strenuous for our car to take. We had to stop a few times on the way up the mountains and let the transmission cool off. It wasn't too bad actually. I made the best of it. We even did a little exploring while we were stopped. Another time we had dinner in the trailer.
We finally got to our camping spot and it was gorgeous. I love taking pics of my feet in different places and this is me completely out of my element. And to prove I actually was there. :o)
Gates lake is a GORGEOUS place. There were a few other people down fishing but I couldn't resist getting a pic.
 I mentioned this is a favorite place of the hubs. Apparently on a previous trip with the kids they left their mark on a fallen tree.  

  Chillen in the trailer with my "Midger".  Love that kid!
Here's the hubs getting all the poles ready so we could go fishing. Looking at those kids listening intently to all his instructions. That doesn't happen often so I'm glad I got a picture.
While the hubs and my older son set out in the kayak, "Midger" led the girl and I on a nature hike along the lake to the far end where the fishing is best. Unfortunately a storm was blowing in so by the time we got to the other side of the lake the wind was blowing too hard against us to cast out into the lake. Oh and the bugs were INSANE. So many mosquitoes. Blech!
Breakfast day two. Instant oatmeal and fruit. It was DELISH! I had a lesson to prepare to teach to the women at church the next day so I let the fam go off and fish while I stayed behind to study. It was so peaceful just sitting in the breeze listening to the rustle of the leaves in the trees.
The girl learned knife safety from her brothers and Dad while we were there. Every minute she could grab we would find her outside working her walking stick.
The hubs and "Midger" out in the kayak.
When it was finally time to leave we said a quick prayer that it would rain and cool off the temp down in the valley so we wouldn't have car trouble on the way home. Boy did it rain! I snapped this pic just before it started pouring.
 One more pic of our mountain paradise. I surprised myself and had a great time. In fact, I'm already looking forward to going back. :o)


Yvonne said...

Good for you Emily, it looks like a heavenly place you found! The kids look really happy out camping!

terrieannie said...

Makes me remember how I used to love camping, back in the Black Hills, about 30 years ago!

Beth said...

Ya never know do ya? I am glade that you enjoyed the trip. I think the camper makes it lots easier to camp. That tent business is not so much fun.

Unknown said...

What an amazing place, so beautiful that I would camp along with you. Years ago I braved the camping experience with my kids, my sons were teenagers and my daughters little girls, they had a blast. When the girls were older we talked about another camping trip and there was a resounding no way from the girls. There were so many excuses but number one of course was no technology.

KeyQuilter said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! Enjoyed your post very much! (and I always love your patterns)

Linda said...

What a wonderful husband to do some cooking. I would love that kind of camping! Glad you had a great time. Enjoy your blog.

SallyW said...

I too learned to enjoy camping in a camper just like that one... after I painted, reupholstered and redecorated the inside. I LOVED the project of what became "The Palace." For inspiration type "Glamping" in Pinterest.
Welcome to the Glamping world!