Monday, August 19, 2013

1 Million Pillowcase blog-hop

A couple months ago I was asked by the awesome people at American Patchwork & Quilting if I would participate in their blog hop to promote the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge. I was ecstatic and happy to oblige.
It started with a contest on Pinterest to choose a winning pattern. If you don't know, American Patchwork & Quilting has several fun patterns to use when making the pillowcases. Or you can make up your own. The winning pattern in pinterest was the TRAIN pattern.

I chose to use my newest fabric collection TECHNICOLOR for my pillowcase. The colors are bright and fun and perfect for a little kid. We were given creative freedom with this pattern so let me tell you what I did with it to make my pillowcase original.
First, I shrunk the pattern down to 75%. I wanted it a little bit smaller so that it would all fit into the cuff and not get lost in the main print. Since I was using these bright, fun fabrics I wanted the cuff to be white so you could see each fabric.
I traced my train cars using Steam A Seam and after deciding on a fabric for each car, fused them in place. I wanted the train cars to connect along the cuff and chose this direction so they wouldn't be driving straight into the bed. o)
Instead of fusing a separate square for the windows I simply cut them out instead. The white cuff fabric shows through the windows.
Lastly, I mahcine blanket stitched around each train car and wheel. I did this before the cuff was finished so that the thread on the back is sandwiched in the fold of the cuff and won't be seen on the inside of the pillow.

This pillowcase was so quick and easy to put together and the result it fun and fabulous! I plan on making at least 2 more to donate. I'm hoping to donate my pillowcases to a local women's shelter. For the children of women escaping dangerous situations, these pillowcases will bring a bit of happiness into what could be a strange and uncertain time.

If you would like to learn more about the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge and find out how you can participate visit HERE.

To see what the other designers have done with their pillowcases check out the blog HERE.



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Love the pillowcase. It is really cute.

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