Monday, September 30, 2013


When it comes to binding, it seems there are lots of different ways to go. Some people love to sit and hand stitch while they catch up on TV. Other people machine stitch their binding on. I'm a machine binder and prefer to use a method that gets it over fast. Yes, I still hate binding.
My previous method consisted of using pins. Lots of pins. And with pins comes lots of pokes. But then I started seeing these guys all over social media and decided to give them a try.
They are from Clover and are called wonder clips. And yes, they live up to their name.

My method consists of sewing the binding to the front of the quilt just as you would if you plan on hand stitching. I've always used a 2 1/2" wide binding strip with a thread over 1/4" seam allowance.
At this point I used to flip the binding to the back and pin in place.

Wonder clips make this so much easier. Once a section of binding is 'clipped' to the back, I stitch in the ditch on the front side. The clips stay in place until I move them so my binding is always where it's supposed to be.

 The stitching on the front catches the edge of the binding on the back. It's perfect! And it's quick. I'm pretty sure these little clips shaved considerable time off of my previous binding technique.
I'm sold!

They can also be used in a quick moment to tie your hair back out of your face. :o)
Ask for Clover wonder-clips at your local quilt shop or search for them online.
(btw- this is not a sponsored post)


Sweet Woodruff said...

I haven't bought or used these yet. I think I need to make the wonder clip commitment. I'm going to share this entry.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your last photo was the most convincing.....grin....I need these.

Stacy Lindblom said...

LOL! I use them to keep the hair out of face sometimes too!

Bev said...

I love them too! I use them for paper piecing big pieces to keep what I've already done out of the way. They are great for binding. I love your method. I've always done binding by hand. I'll have to try your method. Love your work!

Cheery wave from

Unknown said...

These things are amazing. Everyone should have them.The cheapest place to get them is on Amazon.

JaneRH said...

I don't think wonderclips would make my binding seams as wonderful as yours! Can't wait to try them.

Yvonne said...

Love the way you manage to make such perfect bindings on the machine!

Sherryl said...

Is there anyone out there who doesn't hate sewing on binding? lol Yours look so wonderful, but somehow I know that I would "miss" some of the binding on the back if I tried the machine technique. I don't know how you line it up so perfectly! You're awesome!

GO STARS! said...

I just started to use them too. They are wonderful!! Very aptly named. said...

I literally just opened my first box tonight to bind a quilt (same way as you do it)! I love these little guys!