Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bag Lady

I was in a quilt shop the other day when I heard a couple of women talking to each other. The one was telling her friend about some cute fabric she'd picked out and commented how cute it would be for a bag. Her friend quickly replied saying "Oh, I don't make bags." I smiled and thought "I know what you mean, neither do I." But that's not true anymore!

A few months ago I found myself doing something I thought I would never do- making a bag! Ok, so it's a small bag; a clutch to be precise. And you know what!? It was fabulous! The experience was so painless and fun that I decided share it with other bag-shy quilters.

I'm teaching the "Classy Clutch" at the Corn Wagon quilt shop in Springville and you should come join me! Even if you're an expert bag maker, this little clutch is so quick, easy and fun you'll have a blast making it.

Sorry for the horribly blurry pic!
I LOVE this clutch! It's the perfect size for normal everyday purse essentials without all the extra bulk. If you're not a 'clutch' gal, line it with laminate and use it as a cosmetic bag. Or use it to tote around your english paper piecing project. There are so many uses for this cute little bag you'll be making it again and again. Believe me, I'm on my 5th with three more waiting in line.

So come join me Wednesday, February 5 from 6-8pm. Stop in the Corn Wagon or sign up online.



Yvonne said...

As the lucky owner of one of your beautiful bags, I know what a nice looking bag this is! I am so happy with it and I am sure everyone who you will teach too! (thanks again Em for your marvelous present!)

Anna said...

I would love to come to your class on this darling clutch but my hubby will be out of town that evening so I have to do "mom" duties. I would love it if you would post a tutorial at a later date about how to make this.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Your bag is beautiful. I was just thinking it needed some embellishments ie extra stitching or beads. I love it and it's speaking to me and that is so strange. I think I have to find a bag to make!!!!!Julie

Anonymous said...

I don't make bags either but I want to make this is gorgeous! Will you provide a link where we can get the pattern please?

I found your blog while looking at your work on Moda Bake Shop. thomasean_quilty at hotmail dot com