Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#destash building

Are you aware of the perks to social media as a quilter? Of course there's the never ending stream of inspiration from other quilters projects but there's more, much more. As of late, one of the trends on Instagram (IG) is  to unload (sell) some of that fabric that has been sitting on your shelves for way too long so that some other quilters can buy it and have it on their shelf for way too long. This has been coined as the #destash.

A few weeks ago a well known IGer @twomoreseconds organized #thegreatfabricdestash. The idea was to corral all of the destashers into a common place (IG) an a particular day and time to unload some of their stash. By using the hashtag #thegreatfabricdestash people would be able to search the hashtag for fabric that catches their eye for a chance to purchase. Let me just say it was INSANE at how much fabric (and $$) changed hands that night, and continues to do so.

You can find anything from precuts to scrap bundles, yardage to color coordinated bundles. It's amazing! And all of the pricing is usually pretty fair. Although if you're looking for some of the Out of Print (OOP) and Hard to Find (HTF) fabric you're going to pay a little (or a lot) more. 

Now let's talk about my stash. A couple of years ago we were planning a move. In preparation for that I had a major destash in my home for friends that I knew would want to gather up some nice fabric at a good price. It was great and I thinned out my stash completely. Since then I have been careful (mostly) when it comes to purchasing fabric for a "someday" project. I try not to get carried away with too many impulse buys. And thus I don't have a crazy stash. (my husband would beg to differ, but by quilters standards you would be surprised)

The same can be said for the #destash. It's crazy competitive! If there's something you want you have to have quick thumbs because the first to comment wins. I'm usually pretty selective about what I try and win but it's easy to get carried away in the excitement of it all and start trying for anything. I've missed out on a few things I really wanted at the time. But as I sit here typing this I can't remember what they were so I guess they weren't that important after all.

A few goodies I did score are right here:

Several years ago I made a simple garland for my Christmas tree with leftover 12 Days scraps from Kate Spain. Ever since then I've wanted to do more: a new tree skirt, a wall quilt to match, etc. but didn't have the fabric. Thanks to the #destash I was able to score 2 layer cakes and the panel to go with. I might even have enough for new stockings!

This Hello Luscious layer cake from Basic Grey just couldn't be passed up. I always liked this collection but never got any when it was on store shelves. When the layer cake was being destashed the price was too good to pass up so I got it. It's still sitting pretty all rolled up but I do have plans for it.....someday. 

This FQ bundle of Wildwood by Erin McMorris was completely impulse. I'll admit that. In fact, I had buyers remorse after I had put in for it. I decided to stick with it though because I have a project in mind for it. And those colors! Love!

Perhaps my most prized #destash win is this FQ bundle of Central Park by Kate Spain. I absolutley LOVE Kate and her designs. I made a couple quilts from Central Park when it first came out and I've loved it and wanted more ever since. I'm not sure what this one will turn into but it's going to be good and it's going to be for ME! :o)

What about you? Have you been sucked into the #destash on IG? What have you scored?



Katie said...

in awe of that Central Park bundle -- I got a CP layer cake and thought people were going to try and fight me for it.

Tiffany said...

I'm pretty jealous of your fabulous Kate Spain finds!

Kira said...

Sorry I missed this. It would have been fun.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of your Central Park fq bundle. Will there be another destashing? Guess I will need to figure out instagram.

KeyQuilter said...

I've subscribed to instagram but haven't been involved much. Is the destash still going on? Can it be accessed anywhere besides instagrm on the phone, like on the computer somehow?

KeyQuilter said...

erase & rewind! lol can't find on laptop but did find on phone. but #destash shows nailpolish & other junk. how do I get just fabric pics? and so- if you leave your paypal email addy on somebody's stuff, is it just the 1st person listed who gets it?

BonBon said...

Do you still have your hello luscious layer cake? You wouldn't be interested in selling would you?