Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More Market pics

Time is flying by so quickly. Market prep takes so much time then all of a sudden it's over and I have to get back to real life. Oh and it's the end of the school year for my kids so there's plenty going on with that. Memorial day was yesterday? Holy cow!
So I've been back from Pittsburgh for over a week now...I think it's time to post more about market.

I'm not sure if I mentioned (and I'm too lazy to look at past posts) but I had 2 booths at market. One to showcase Rustique and another to show all the new Crazy Old Ladies patterns. Next week I'll be listing them in my shop so I'll post a bit about each more then. 

I couldn't have done market with my pal Natalie from Natalie Ever After. She's designer a few patterns for Crazy Old Ladies and this was her first market. She took care of business over in the COL booth while I stayed in Rustique. She did a fabulous job standing all day and laughing all night. We had so much fun!

Michael Miller Fabrics did not disappoint. They had a french garden theme complete with a gorgeous fountain!

It was beautiful!

I'm not sure how I didn't get a pic with the water flowing but it was a sight to see!

I love this pic of Harvey taken through the blossoms. :o)

The vignettes in the corner always have to much to look at

And the display along the back wall showed off the new "Houndstooth and Friends" collection

Along with my Preppy Pups quilt. 

Patty Sloniger's new collection Emma's Garden has some gorgeous colors and prints. 

I love all the details and inspiration.

Violet Craft's new collection Brambleberry Ridge also features deer! (Great minds think alike)

The colors are soft and pretty with touches of gold. And check out her paper pieced patterns!!!

Of course market isn't complete with a  little ham from Rob Appell.
Loving his Color Strata quilts.  

Now you can feel like you were hanging out with us in Pittsburgh.

I'm off to Yellowstone- See you next week!



Yvonne said...

O yes! Thanks to all,the pictures I got an idea how much fun it was.....but not as much as really, really being there! (Sigh).....
Have fun in Yellowstone!

Susie Q said...

be sure and take pictures of the snow in Yellowstone. I am sure there are many feet still hanging around.