Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I'm retreating

Tomorrow I head to the beautiful Midway, UT for the Small Town Quilt Show! I can't believe it's finally here. I was asked to teach so long ago it seemed like the day would never come. And now, here I am, gathering things together and counting down the minutes until I pull out of my driveway.

It's been a nice, low key summer so far. Oh I've done some fun things (Yellowstone anyone?) but most of my days are spent laying low at home. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for so many things but I can't wait to get out of here! MY KIDS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY! We've had lots of good times- snuggling during an afternoon movie, trips to the pool, ice cream dates, etc- but I miss my few hours of peace and quiet during the day when they're usually at school. They're older now so why is my house such a mess? I feel like a warden in this prison some days trying to keep the inmates on task and from fighting with each other. And so it is with delight that I am taking off for a few days. :o)

Tomorrow morning I'll be teaching HEX PLUS

And on Friday I'll be sharing a trunk show and my creative journey: 

Mostly I'm just excited to meet other fabric fanatics like me and sew, sew, SEW!

For those of you that have taken classes before, what are some things that you like for the teacher to say and do. I've taught before but I'm always looking for advice on how to do a better job or make it better/easier/more fun for the students. If you have any suggestions- let me here it!



Funky Kim said...

Loved your class!

Yvonne said...

Have fun Em!

Lynette said...

Hi! You must be getting ready for your trunk show right now. Boy, would I love to see it! Just stopped in to let you know I finally finished and blogged the first of my Boomerang quilts that I'm making with your pattern. Thank you so much again for that give-away. I linked your pattern page in the post, so hopefully more people will shop with you. I know one already did, so your give-away worked so far. ;D ~~Lynette

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