Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I wanna sew!

I can't remember the last time I sat and sewed- FOR FUN!!!! I add "for fun" because I had to do some minor work on a couple halloween costumes last week. But for the last few weeks I've been busy with other projects and haven't had the real desire to quilt.

The reason- I'm turning into a fabric snob. I have a stash like many other quilters out there- and I continually add to it. But for some reason I only like sewing when I have BRAND NEW fabric. I'm trying to break this trend- but it's not easy. So basically, I don't have "new" fabric- so I haven't been sewing.


Yesterday I was able to get my hands on a couple pieces from a new line for RILEY BLAKE designs: Sublime by Doohikey Designs.

(just a little sampling!)

It is GORGEOUS and I can't wait to start cutting! I think re-making one of my patterns with this fabric to be featured on the new front cover of the pattern. I'm not sure which one yet, but I have a good idea. I'll let you know when I do! ;o)


Shannon said...

Uhh, that it is looking yummy. Can't wait to see what quilt you are re-doing.

Barb said...

Love the fabric

It is always great when you can sew for fun!!

Mary said...

I love that fabric. My problem with my stash is that I like it all so well that I don't want to use it cause I might want to use it in a different project! Yikes! There must me a name for that problem.

Amanda said...

I'm afraid I might qualify in that definition of "fabric snob"!

Although I am proud that I used fabric from my stash for 1 of the 2 halloween costumes I made this year!