Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Blah's

I once heard that January has the highest suicide rate of all the months. It's because it's so dreary outside and the only thing to look forward to is Spring- but we all know it's still several months away. Nothing else to do- BLAH!

Today I found another reason to feel the winter blah's.

Cherry Tree Cottage is closing their doors at the end of this month! I know, I'm shocked. This is absolutely my favorite LQS. They're a smaller shop but when you walk in the door it always feels like home. I completely adore Machelle and love going in there and gabbing her ear off for an hour or more. I'm sure she always had better things to do- but she never let on.

If you live in Utah County and have ever visited The Cherry Tree Cottage you know what I'm talking about.

On the bright side- if there is a bright side- they're totally liquidating their inventory. Their doors will remain open through this month and close for the last time on Jan. 31. If you want some good deals you need to pop in there sooner, rather than later. Because you know- all the best stuff will be gone in no time.

It's a sad, sad day for this Crazy Old Lady.

First AmandaJean- now this! I'm afraid to think of what might happen next week.

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SewCalGal said...

Yes, it is a sad day when we hear of any quilt store closing. What a shame.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what we can do to keep quilt stores in business, and what quilt store owners should do differently to stay in business in this evironment. Such difficult times!


SewCalGal {at} live {dot} com