Friday, July 9, 2010

Camera Phones!

My BFF always comes through for me. This morning I recieved an email after she read my blog and it included several pix taken from our camera phones over the weekend. Here are a few that turned out pretty good

Seal Beach. When we first got there it was overcast- but once those clouds burned off it was beautiful. Those are my shoes there in the picture. Bought 'em in MN. LOVE THEM! Thinking of doing a whole post just on the shoes- what do you think? ;o) btw- those birds are bold. While taking a romantic stroll down the beach with my hubs the birds came right up to my bag and stole my chips. Seriously. Gave my BFF and her fam some good entertainment for a few minutes. Fearless those birds.

Here's me and the hubs cheesing it up while waiting in line for 'Indiana Jones' at Disneyland. Not a bad pic of me considering the extra weight I've put on being sick and how bad my skin looks right now. But hey, if he's willing to get close to me I guess it's all ok. Right!? :o)
Thanks BFF!


jlk said...

What weight? You look great!

Shannon said...

Looks like you had fun and I did recognize those cute shoes on the beach. Wish I had bought me some, but then again where would they have fit in my

Yvonne said...

Don't worry, you look lovely! Those seagulls are terrible! Not only they steal the food out of your bag they sh.... while there eating! (LOL)

Beth said...

You look good to me. Looks like fun.
Gulls once took my daughters paci right off the beach towel. yikes