Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Pix!

I made a small goal during my isolation that I'm going to post MORE pictures on my blog. Then I went on a mini-vacation and didn't take 1 single picture on my camera. (Took a few with my phone but they're horrible quality). Anyhow. Spent the evening last night surfing the web for a couple pics to post of my trip just to give you an idea but most of them were copywrited and I didn't want to 'steal' them. I'm sure I could have found something- but after an hour of searching it just wasn't worth it. Besides, most of you can just imagine.




Yup, I was in SoCal at Seal Beach, CA. It's beautiful and the weather was PERFECT! A little crowded- but what do you expect on a holiday weekend? We had a wonderful time anyway just sittin' in the sun relaxing to the sound of the crashing waves. Ahhh, paradise.

Also spent a day at the "Happiest Place on Earth"- that's DISNEYLAND!!! I just love it there. We only had one day in the park but the weather was great for that too. A little overcast so the park wasn't too busy in the morning and we walked onto most rides without a long wait. The sad thing is I'm older than I thought. After a day of walking that park my legs and hips are SO SORE! What happened to the days I could run around that place for 3 days and not even feel it!? Oh yeah, that was 15 years ago! :o)

And before anyone gets too 'upset' about it- let me explain. My "RULES" of isolation at that point say limited contact for short periods of time. So I figure the amount of time I was really standing/sitting by one person was well within the time limit of 2 hours. So it was fine. No one harmfully contaminated. :o)

So I'm back home today and working on getting out orders. They'll all be mailed out by tomorrow (even the ETSY ones) just in case anyone is wondering.

I'll have some pics to post of FUN STUFF in the next few days! :o)


Yvonne said...

Even without the pictures, I can imagine that you had a wonderful time in California. I am so happy for you that you were able to enjoy some nice days at the beach and Disneyland after the isolation! Just what you needed I think! Hope it gave you some energy!

HOPE said...

Glad you were able to enjoy the time!

I grew up in Monterey Cal so appreciate the SUN,SAND AND SURF!

Been to So Cal too, many times..


Pokey said...

Sorry you forgot the photos, But I am SO happy You were released!! The beach and Disneyland sound like the perfect way to celebrate. YEA!!

Melinda said...

I am catching a plane to visit my sister in Seal Beach in a few hours. I love SoCal where I grew up and miss it. Glad you have some fun.