Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A different kind of 'BLOCK'

I'm not talking about the kind you sew together and swap with friends. I'm talking about the kind when just walking by my sewing room makes me cringe.

I have it.... BAD.

Folding patterns and filling orders isn't too horrible- but thinking about sewing. Ugh.

I want to sew. But my creativity is at a stand-still.

Actually, that's not even true.

The real problem is that there is a list 3 feet long of HAVE TO's and a list 40 feet long of WANT TO's. I've procrastinated the HAVE TO's so long that it's impossible to look past them and even begin to ENJOY the WANT TO's. Thus I'm not doing ANYTHING.

Does that make sense?

Have you ever had Quilter's Block? What do you do to get past it?


julia said...

Yep! My middle name is 'procrastination'...so I'm more than familiar with this kind of quilter's block.
My method to get past it: be honest to myself. If it has to be done, than do it. But reward yourself. After having checked the most urgent tasks from your 'Have To' list, do something from your 'Want To' list...maybe only for half an hour.
That way you can finish your day off with the good feeling to have accomplished some important stuff, but also that you weren't a "slave" of yourself...
Cheers, Julia

Judi said...

I have that all the time. You become overwhelmed with what you want to and have to do that you in turn do nothing and in my case, I doodle around looking at blogs or watch tv. To fix it my husband makes me right a list and get the "have to's" over with and then I will have time to get to the "want to's." I wish you luck though!

April M. said...

You should come for a bike ride with us :)

Mama Spark said...

I find this happens to me from time to time. I think it is the anticipation of doing the have to's that makes me not want to do anything. I often find that once I bite the bullet and actually begin I get back into the groove. It might even be good to get some of those have to's out of the way so then you are really excited about the want to's.

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

been there... many a time!! {more often than i want to admit!}

Yvonne said...

Who doesn't? I think we all have it from time to time. It always takes me some time to get me to a point were I can 'kick my own behind' as we call it here in Holland and get started with the things that need to be done first. After that you head will be empty, you feel good about yourself so than it is time for a big piece of chocolat (hihihi) and the inspiration will be back, you see!
Good luck!

Moose on the Porch Quilts said...

I like the bike ride idea!