Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Quilt Market 2011

Prepare yourself for an extra looooong post full of LOTS of pictures

First things first- my booth!

Did you hear the exciting news!? My booth won 1st place for single booth! You don't even know how excited I was. So excited that when looking through all the pictures there wasn't a decent one I could post because they all had me looking like some deformed creature.

Here's an upclose pic of the chairs and boat (before I had the cute beach bags on them)

I think that boat may have been the piece that swayed the judges- LOTS of comments from passers by on that one.

I was very fortunate to have my Dad's help with all of the little vignette's around the booth.

There's a secret behind the design of those bouys- but I'm not telling

Whataya think of that ball!?

This is Sarah Jane, another new designer for M&M. I have been a fan of her blog and artwork for several years so I was jumping up and down when I found out that not only would she be at market, but that I would be able to meet her and work with her at M&M!

Meet Violet Craft and her debut line for M&M Peacock Lane. Her line is fresh and new. Great colors! Oh and it has elephants- I LOVE elephants. Don't worry, there's peacock's too. :o)LOVE this girl!

A sweet shot of Sandi's booth- the 1st place winner for double booth!

Camille is by far one of my favorite people! She is so sweet and genuine- just like her new line for Moda that she designed with her Mom, Bonnie- RUBY! It is delightful and coordinates perfectly with Bliss (...if you even have any left in your stash!)

And of course, Sweetwater. Have you seen HOMETOWN? It was on the top of my list for sample spree. Love the colors. Love the concept. Love those gals over at Sweetwater!

This is Thankfully Sew's booth. I am super lucky to live close enough to Terri that I get to have lunch with her roughly every month or so. She is AWESOME!

Terri designs a series of "Long & Leans"- this is one of her new ones and a FAVORITE of mine!

My girl Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts! She just released a STACK of patterns and they are fabulous. Lovin' her designs!

Do you know my neighbors Izzy and Ivy? (They live a couple towns over from me!)Their booth was so cute! Looked just like a little park with TONS of little kid clothes. They also introduced a new product- Sprinkles. Check out they site to learn more.

My friend Jenny has been designing cute quilt patterns and had her first quilt market booth here in Salt Lake City with her pattern company Sweet Ruby.

Hey look, it's that former crazy old lady that's rockin' the scene with her company Ribbon Candy Quilt Company. Although her company has been around for a while this was her first market and that girl was ALWAYS busy. I barely got in for a quick picture!

Man oh man- leave it to Cori to execute a booth I could only think of! Chitter Chatter designs had a beach themed booth as well with all of the elements I wanted to include in mine but couldn't figure out how to make work. It was SO COOL!

Check out Jillily Studios booth! It was an ice-cream (Sorbet) shop to promote her new line for Henry Glass- Sorbet Garden. It was so fun. She even gave out tiny ice cream cones. And, she won the award for Creativity. I should say so!

Ah, love this lady too! Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup is always so kind. She kept a close eye on me in Minneapolis and is always so sweet to ask me how I'm feeling. She was showing her new line Cherry Fizz (for Henry Glass) but had lots of quilts hanging with SUMMERTIME (one of my fave's from her!)

Another sweet girl, Amy, from Kati Cupcake let me take a pic of her booth. (Why is she not in it!?) She is AWESOME and has some of the cutest bag patterns out there.

*I'm announcing the winner of the fat quarter pack.....TOMORROW! (sorry!)


Barb in Mi said...

Congrats on yor single booth 1st price! Your booth really looks beautiful coastal!

Sinta Renee said...

Fantastic booth!!! Too bad that Chitter Chatter and you weren't next to each other, you could have had a whole theme going. I really want to know the secret about the buoys... and yes, the boat is very cool but the beach ball is super fun. Thanks for all the market photos!

Sinta Renee said...

oops, bouys:)

Sherri said...

It was so fun to meet you! And your booth was SEW. DANG. CUTE!!! Loved it! I was so sad there wasn't any Michael Miller at sample spree...I would have bought yours, Sandi's, and Sarah's!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations on your booth prize - how terrific. I just love the red chairs and all the beach accents - but, yes, the boat is a special touch.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the booth win!
I love all the pics! Makes me sad I couldn't make it...Fall I am so there!

Miss Holly said...

Wow! you should be so proud. you must have had so much fun....your booth was absolutely wonderful!!! you deserved that prize!!!! thank you for the pics!!

Sharon Pernes said...

Congrats on your booth win!

Amy said...

Congrats on your booth win! Your booth looked fabulous with your new line of fabric.

Cheri C. said...

Thanks for all the pics. It makes me miss UT for a minute :). Congratulations on your win!!! You deserve it. It is a really cute booth. I think I would like to see your surfin quilt made out of going coastal - I think I could even add a few fish in from Heather ross and they would look good. Oh, I hope you sold your line to a few shops east of the mississippi. Also.... last comment... I LOVE the pic of you and Camille - Ruby and Going Coastal are my favorites from all the pics. I have seen. Can't wait to get my hands on them!!! AND, I'm not just saying it... I mean it!!

Judy said...

Your Booth is beautiful. Did you know Sarah of Sarahs House (HGTV)just did a similiar theme for her home near the water. So this line is perfect! Congratulations on this line, I'll sure buy some.

Jan Marie said...

You got some great shots of the booths. I think I may have missed some of them. Now how did that happen. I am going to link to your post, I hope that is ok. If not let me know.

Beth said...

Congrats on your booth. It was stinkin darn cute.
Now that you showed all those booths I am drooling just a little. Ok, a lot. I feel a fabric binge coming on.
Thanks for sharing.

Tiffany said...

Your pictures are all awesome! And your booth is adorable! I have already seen it on a couple of ther blogs. Way to go!

smileynann said...

SO cute! I love the ironing/surf board :)

Sharon Pernes said...

I love your booth, congrats! That sailboat is to die for! I am all about nautical things and would love to see a pattern for it. Do you have a pattern coming-out? I would gladly purchase it.

jdsanc said...

I love your pictures! I shot picture after picture myself, and I still came away short. And going through withdrawals. The beauty and imagination and creativity was intoxicating, and I haven't ever even sewn a quilt.
You girls had a great booth, and a great name, and I so enjoyed speaking with you.
Thanks for the inspiration!

PamKittyMorning said...

Love your new line!! So exciting, great to see you at market! xo