Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I met this chick at market this spring. She is a hoot! She's one of those people that is just full of energy and so funny you just love being around them. She even impressed my husband enough that he kept telling me I HAD to send her some fabric. Well time goes by so slowly and I finally got around to sending her some. (Thanks for the reminder, Heather!) I think she got it a few days ago and LOOK what she's done with it already!!!

Did you see the bag? SUPER CUTE! And she didn't even use a pattern. Now, for all of you who commented on my last post about me getting into bag making: First, I'm not ANTI- bag. I LOVE bags. Every time I set foot into a quilt shop I am surrounded by beautiful arm candy. And I love so many of them. But I just can't get into making them. I started a bag over a year ago. THIS bag. The pattern is not the reason I stopped. It's a great pattern. I just like a finish-in-10-minutes project. Also, being the perfectionist that I am- if I make a tiny mistake (like I did with Penelope) I want to bag the whole project. (Pun definately intended). Second, to all of you who make bags- I am jealous! Watch out cuz I may just be a bag-snatcher. Not for the contents, just for the bag!  *wink!*

Instead I'll make something else.

I'll show you tomorrow what I'm talking about.  :o)


Unknown said...

it's easy to design when you lOVE the fabric!! and your's is too fab!

thanks Sunshine!! can't wait to see the next line!

xo, H

Kira said...

Her bag turned out great. It reminds me of suspenders.