Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tis ths Season

Paula from Stychee Woman  recently sent an email frantic for more Season's Greetings patterns. They have made the cutest pattern from Sweetwater's Countdown to Christmas so no wonder they were selling out fast. I asked her to share a picture with me and I just knew you would want to see it too!

Isn't it the cutest!?

I just LOVE the litte vignette they set up with the dress form and apron.

Here's a closeup to see how they fussy cut the applique across the ornament to say "love"

And again on the stocking to read "Joy"

She also sent a picture (but for some reason it wouldn't load) of a cute wallhanging they made of the 'JOY' block hung vertical. It is a PERFECT way to get more use out of a pattern. Instead of making the whole thing- just use a part of it to make a smaller project. I'll try to load it again later on.
THANKS PAULA! For sharing your great projects with us.

If you're interested in making this cute quilt for yourself or someone you love I have listed the pattern in my Etsy shop. The fabric can be found at the link I provided above.  :o)