Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jack the Ripper

Last night was one of those nights. I've been going to bed way too late the past few nights and last night was going to be different. I even planned on taking a minor sleep-aid to help clear my mind when my head hit the pillow. My goal was sleep before 10pm.

Yeah, well, things don't always go as planned.

I had just finished another quilt top that is scheduled to be dropped at the quilters this morning. I laid it out on the floor and stepped over to my computer to wrap up a few emails. I was ready to go to bed when I turned to look at the quilt and something just wasn't right. I kept staring at it trying to figure it out. I finally pulled up the template I had done on the computer and there it was- plain as day. I had forgotten a very important element of one whole section of the quilt. The middle section.


So at 10pm, the time I was supposed to be laying down to sleep I was instead searching for my seam-ripper. Now, I usually don't take out seams. When I'm working on a small block and make a mistake that block goes into the scrap bin and I start over. On larger projects I usually just RIP the seam. Meaning I grab both ends of the fabric and pull. I've had many a quilting friends cringe at this practice. However last nights project was just too special for either scrap-binning (uh, no!) or RIPPING apart- it is for quilt market after all.

I sat in my chair for nearly an hour picking the seams apart. As I was doing so I sang 'Seam Ripper' in my head to the tune of "Heart breaker". I also tried to think of other silly/funny sayings to replace the word seam-ripper with. Hence the title.

When all was said and done and the clock was bridging midnight my quilt top was done. A quick press I could feel good about the finished product. Now it is morning, much earlier than I would like to be up (almost 8 am :) and I should be getting the back prepped. In a minute. I can't wait to show you this one. Even through all the blood, sweat and tears (there was a little of each) I think it's my favorite of the new patterns. I'm calling is RIVIERA. I hope you like it as much as I do.


JusticeBlog said...

LOL. Don't you love it when those sorts of things happen? And I totally cringed at the ripping thing! Eeee gads!

Melissa Corry said...

Oh, that stinks. I so hope you get some much needed rest soon :)

Carla said...

Well that sucked but that's usually what happens to me so I can relate.
I love the title. I think I'll start calling my seam ripper Jack from now on. ;o)

Herryponting said...

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