Friday, May 25, 2012

Oh the people you meet!

I nearly had a heart attack when I came back to my booth after a potty break and saw Amanda Jean in MY BOOTH! I really tried to be professional but I LOVE THAT GIRL!!! Even better? Cheryl was there too!

On Sunday I ran into those cute girls again and look what Amanda Jean gave me:

Um, yes I had her sign it!

These gals became instant BFF's. They're the awesome ladies from Marmalade Fabrics. That's Tammy on the right with the blonde hair- but I like to call her Tiny Dancer. :o) And Lisa Hirsch a.k.a. Lady Marmalade on the left. LOVE! They also happen to be members of the famed Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild and encouraged me to attend the Modern Meet-Up on Saturday night. SO glad I went (even though my ankle was killing me). Guess who Lisa introduced me to? None other than the Jacquie Gering from Tallgrass Prairie Studio. Wow. Do I have a pic? No. But I swear it really happened.

An extra special thanks to Amy Smart (in the pic with Amanda Jean, myself and Cheryl) from Diary of a Quilter for coming to market and helping in my booth. Since I always manage to forget to take pics, she sent me most of these. Here's a nice pic of the Geared for Guys booth she took.

And I definately couldn't do market without the help of this guy. This is my dad, Walt. He has a background in art and design and puts all the finishing touches on my booth(s). Plus we have a really good time together. :o)  And yes, he's even wearing a 'Shore Thing' shirt made from the sailboat fabric.
Love you Dad! 

This cute girl is Jana Kigin from Adventures of a Cross-Stitch Drama Queen. (Love that name!) I think she approached me on day 1 (Friday) to say hi. She is part of The Quilted Fish design team (say what!?) but her and I go back further than that. :o) About a hundred years ago I had a contest to name one of my patterns and Jana won! How cool is that!?
It was so fun to meet her. You need to check out her blog and read her post 'Meet the Butlers' HILARIOUS!

Enjoy your holiday weekend and I'll be back on Tuesday with more market re-cap.


Anonymous said...

Emily! It was great meeting you at Market. I was the one running around with th Marmalade girls on Saturday! Glad you could make it to the Modern Quilt Meetup, that was an amazing turnout!

jlk said...

Hey that's ME! It was so great to meet you, too. You are darling IRL.

Sherri said...

Your booths are both amazing! Congrats on everything!

Flaun of I Plead Quilty! said...

Isn't Amanda the sweetest! I just went to her retreat the weekend before Market. Didn't think to have her sign my thread catcher, but did take my copy of her book to sign.

Ella said...

How lucky is that!!! I so wish I could have went with you !!! BTW that coat you are wearing....Looks Fabulous on you? Were on earth did you get that??e

Beth said...

Imagine how I felt when I met Amanda Jean, Cheryl, and you!! So excited. Have a great weekend.

trillium said...

You know, seeing the "Shore Thing" colors from that distant shot of the booth--well, they do feel "beachy" without even seeing the prints. The colors, I mean. Very nice!

trilliumcreates AT gmail DOT com